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About Kyran Nijjar...

Kyran Nijjar is a TikTok sensation from the small town of Walsall in the West Midlands of England. The former customer service assistant rose to fame in summer 2019 when he started his TikTok series “risking my life every 24 hours”. The comedic chronicle consisted of Kyran facing everyday horrors which were relatable and never strayed far from familiar sufferings. From drinking orange juice after brushing his teeth and rubbing shampoo in his eyes to biting straight into an ice lolly, the videos attracted a lot of attention from the TikTok community.

The popularity of the series was undoubtedly obvious as Kyran went from a solid 300,000 followers to an exceptional 2 million, in just the space of two months. Since then, Kyran has continued to grow more and more and deservedly gained the nickname “The 24-hour guy”. 

Kyran has also ventured into different styles of content which he uploads to his TikTok. Pranks are one of his favourite videos to make, which are always hilarious, having his audience in tears. Kyran also likes to attend festivals and events where he interviews some of the guests with simple but interesting joke-styled questions, such as “What’s the worst name for a guy?”.

Instagram is a place where Kyran likes to express his interest in the fashion industry. Showcasing his daily outfits as well as giving out fashion tips, Kyran has a very engaging Instagram following that offers a different style of content to his TikTok videos. 

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