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Bradley Simpson is a 27-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician, born and raised in The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. Bradley is the lead singer of the huge British pop band The Vamps, who launched the boyband in 2012 and are still performing and making music to this day.

With the ability to play not only the guitar but the ukulele and the piano, Bradley is a very talented individual. His career to date has been very successful, with his band reaching number one in the UK Album Charts in 2017 with their hit album Night & Day. Their first two albums, Meet The Vamps and Wake Up, are both certified gold albums in the UK as well. The Vamps are also the first band to headline the London’s famous O2 Arena five years in a row.

Bradley didn’t start learning the guitar until he was 11 years old and didn’t even try to sing until he was 14, just three years before The Vamps started making music together. He discovered his love for making music and started to upload songs he had written and produced onto streaming sight SoundCloud and YouTube, where his fellow band mate James McVey came across him and got in touch so they could make music together, and the rest is history.

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