Sharing tips and tricks for cooking and baking is widely sought after online, and influencers sharing their recipes and tutorials for all things food related are increasingly popular.

Working with a food and drink influencer could really boost your brand campaign, and we have put together our top 9 food influencers for you to work with...

1. NotSoFarmersWife 

Steph, known online as NotSoFarmersWife, is the first-time mum who shares her parenting journey, along with another Instagram account dedicated to food. She shares the meals she prepares for her family, and it has earned recognition to be in the shortlist for the Yorkshire Blogger Awards 2022! With a growing fan-base, Steph would be perfect for your brand campaign.

2. Gino D'Acampo

Gino has risen to fame as a professional chef and TV presenter and is no stranger to appearing on our screens to show off his cooking talents. With his celebrity status and large and loyal following across social media platforms, working with Gino would positively boost your brand.

3. Lucy Watson

The TV reality star turned food and drink influencer is Lucy Watson. She shares her favourite vegan recipes, as well as having her own vegan restaurant, ready meals and cookbook. As such a well-established food influencer with an admirable social media following, Lucy would be a great option to promote your brand.

4. James Martin

The well-known British chef and TV personality, James Martin, uses his social media platforms to share his cooking expertise with his followers. Being so widely respected by fans as a celebrity chef, James is a successful food and drink influencer, perfect for brand collaborations.

5. Emma Lou Connolly

Emma Lou Connolly is a model and influencer, sharing a range of interests with her followers. Known for her fashion tips, travelling adventures and family life with husband Oliver Proudlock, Emma also shares her love for food with her account TheGreedyModel with mouth-watering recipes and content.

6. Caught Snackin'

Caught Snackin’ is the account that shares video tutorials for delicious recipes, inspiring followers to have a go and create their own dishes. As a highly recognisable food and drink influencer, Caught Snackin’ would be a perfect collaboration for your food and drink campaign.

7. Daddy Cooks Food 

Matt, better known as Daddy Cooks Food, is the popular food and drink influencer that shares tantalising recipes and dishes with his Instagram following. Reaching out to foodies and aspiring chefs, Daddy Cooks Food is a well-established influencer that would be ideal for your brand to work with.

8. Rene's Cravings

Instagram and TikTok chef, Rene, travels the world and shares her tasty recipes that she’s gleaned from different cultures. Her following can expect varying dishes from cooking styles and flavours from around the globe, making her an ideal food and drink influencer to provide a range of content. 

9. Romy London

Focusing on vegan cuisine, Romy London shares her mouth-watering recipes and snacks, along with restaurant reviews with her following. For brands looking to promote their food and drink campaigns or raise their brand awareness, Romy London would be a great choice.

Interested in Partnering with a Food and Drink Influencer?

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