Many years ago, fame, stardom and fortune were exclusive to A-listers. Singers, actors, actresses and sports stars, but now, there is a whole new wave of people embarking upon a career in the limelight and in more ways than one.

Influencers come in many forms, whether it’s in the fashion, beauty or even the food industry. But who would have thought that social media could aid celebrity chefs to become even more influential, and help them to reach an entirely new audience? Well, it has and is continuing to do exactly that.

Gone are the days when we’d only see celebrity chefs working in their very own restaurants or just on our TV screens. Expanding their brands to the online world, they're now filling our social media feeds with step by step demonstrations, incredible recipes and recommendations.

But how exactly has social media helped celebrity chefs become more influential within the food and drink industry?

Reaching a brand-new audience

Overall, celebrity chefs are pretty well-known, right?

However, by venturing into the online world, celebrity chefs are cleverly implementing social media as a strategy by utilising platforms such as Instagram and YouTube to reach an audience that they may have been unable to target otherwise.

Typically speaking, it's the younger generation that can be found using social media on a more frequent basis, soaking up all of the influencer marketing campaigns and following their favourite stars. And with celebrity chefs strategically using social media channels, they are reaching a younger and more engaged audience.

So, with that in mind, when brands collaborate with celebrity chefs and food and drink influencers, they are putting their brand and their new products, services and campaigns in front of an entirely new audience, and potentially a whole new generation. This in turn, can lead to an increase in sales and brand awareness.


In today’s world, social media is no longer simply a place to reconnect with old friends and distant relatives, but it is a huge source of inspiration for many, particularly when it comes to mealtimes and meal planning.

Celebrity chefs have realised the true power of social media and how many of its users utilise it as a way to find new recipes, products and to also educate themselves on nutrition and health.

Social media users flock to the accounts of celebrity chefs to find out the latest food trends, newest products and food discoveries. With Instagram feeds, YouTube homepages and Pinterest boards full to the brim with delicious and nutritious looking recipes, entering the world of social media was a bit of a no-brainer.

With health and nutritional advice being continually updated, too, social media is a great way for users to keep up to date – by following the very best in the business.

If you’re a brand looking to promote a new product or service or if you’re looking to inspire your audience with a new and exciting social media campaign, what better way to do just that than by collaborating with a celebrity chef?

For example, Gino D’Acampo is the King of Italian cuisine, and with over one million followers, he often takes to Instagram to document his Italian heritage, sharing videos on how to cook some of his favourite recipes, encouraging fans to recreate them.

Gino has now created his very own range of instant Italian meals, partnering with Iceland Foods to bring his famous dishes to the homes of his loyal fans and followers.

Image source: Instagram

Fun and creative content

The great thing about social media, is the endless opportunities to get fun and creative, particularly with Instagram. With features such as stories, reels, IGTV and of course, the traditional main grid, celebrity chefs are able to entertain, educate and inspire in more ways than one.

Whether they are sharing a new recipe with detailed photos, demonstrating step-by-step methods in a short, sharp and snappy video or introducing their followers to a brand-new product, celebrity chefs are able to get as innovative as they wish.

Meals and recipes don’t have to be seen as a boring chore, and social media allows its audience to experience food in a fun manner, and celebrity chefs are proof of that.

By partnering with a celebrity chef or food influencer, brands can prove just how fun and exciting food and dinnertime can be. Standing out from the crowd with creative photos, videos and other forms of social media content, brands can attract a new audience, raise brand awareness or even increase sales for a new product or service.

And with almost half a million followers, a great example of creating fun online content is British TV chef, James Martin and his collaboration with California Wines UK during a cook-along and an account takeover on Instagram. Demonstrating how to cook Californian recipes as well as a spot of wine tasting, James has well and truly utilised the power of social media and its ability to take content creation to the next level.

Image source: Instagram

So, if you’re a brand looking to collaborate with a celebrity chef to increase sales, promote a new product or service or to generate brand awareness, contact our team of experts.

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