Podcasts have been making a lot of noise recently with listeners being able to enjoy topical conversations with their favourite creators. As with everything, influencers have been quick to jump on board, offering yet more insight into their unique lives, perspectives and experiences.

If you’ve ever delved into the world of podcasts, you’ll know just how easy it is to get lost in the amount of choice and genres available. Therefore, we’ve summed up 14 of our favourite podcasts right now, brought to us by some of our favourite influencers.

1. Impaulsive with Logan Paul

YouTube superstar, Logan Paul is his usual hilariously outrageous self in his podcast, Impaulsive. The star has explained that his podcast offering is different from his vlogging career as the outlet allows him to talk at length, intelligently although, listeners should still expect humour, drama and impulsiveness.

For anyone that’s grown to love Logan Paul, Impaulsive offers a great insight into his fascinating life and character.

2. The Waiting Room with Dr Alex

Love Island’s Dr. Alex George brings us The Waiting Room where he and a medical colleague offer advice to some of their listeners’ funny, awkward and outrageous medical queries. As well as inviting other doctors and medical professionals to answer, Dr. Alex shares his own experiences from his time on the medical front line and has even welcomed celebrities such as Vicky Pattison and Iain Stirling to recall stories too.

Listeners are encouraged to send in their medical queries, so if you have any burning health questions for the Love Island doctor, The Waiting Room is for you!

3. VIEWS with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

YouTube sensations David Dobrik and Jason Nash offer exclusive behind the scenes access to their non-vlogging lives in their VIEWS podcast. With weekly episodes, the pair share their off-screen realities, insight into their relationship as well as some topical discussion, delivered in their much-loved humorous charms.

For any fans of the pair, or anyone seeking some comedic entertainment, VIEWS is not to be missed.

4. What I Know Now with Amelia Liana

Successful YouTuber and blogger, Ameila Liana promises a heartache survival guide with her What I Know Now podcast. Sharing insight and advice from her experience of love, relationships and breakups, Amelia reflects and guides her loyal listeners through their dark days.

A relatable topic for many, anyone looking for some help or guidance after a relationship breakdown will likely find what they need in an episode of What I Know Now.

5. The Estée Lalonde Show

YouTuber Estée Lalonde brings us her self-titled podcast, The Estee Lalonde Show. With a less obvious name than other podcasts, Estée’s series reflects her dynamic, laid back personality. There’s no real focus, rather Estée and her guests cover a variety of topics from meditation, entrepreneurship and dogs to make-up and beauty.

The Estée Lalonde Show is perfect for anyone interested in widening their knowledge and perspectives on a range of random yet interesting subjects.

6. The Girls Bathroom - Sophia & Cinzia

Well-known YouTubers, Sophia and Cinzia bring us The Girls Bathroom - a podcast aimed at creating that safe, friendly space any girl who has ever stepped foot into a bar is familiar with, the girl’s bathroom! Sharing their insight on a range of ‘girl talk’ topics including boyfriends, girlfriends, work and money, Sophia and Cinzia open up their contagious friendship, creating a sense of inclusion and trust for their listeners.

The girls have also invited guests from the influencer world to share their thoughts, which have included fellow YouTuber, The Persian Babe, and Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing.

Anyone looking for some fun conversation on real-life topics should give The Girls Bathroom a listen!

7. Here We Go Again with Stacey Soloman

Loose Women’s Stacey Soloman brings us her brand new podcast, Here We Go Again, where she shares personal insight and her experiences of motherhood in 2019. Stacey has just welcomed her third child, almost a decade after having her last one, so she is able to speak from a place of comparison as she shares her stories.

Delivering each episode in that charming manner we’ve all grown to love, any new mums should definitely get on board with Stacey’s podcast - another perk of the medium is that you can listen wherever you are, whenever you want; perfect for anyone with a little one!

8. MOVE - Jamie Laing and Ed Williams

Made in Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and business partner Ed Williams inspire listeners of their MOVE podcast. Since launching their Candy Kittens venture, the pair definitely have their fair share of stories and entrepreneurial advice to offer. As well as recalling from their own experience, the partners welcome athletes, artists and other innovators and visionaries to share their thoughts on topics such as happiness at work, overcoming obstacles and authenticity.

MOVE is a great podcast for anyone looking for a bit of motivation.

9. Mile Higher Podcast - Kendall Rae and Josh Thomas

Perhaps the most unique series mentioned on our list is Kendall Rae and husband Josh Thomas’ Mile Higher Podcast. Each episode focuses on true crime stories and conspiracy theories, delving deep into some of the world’s most interesting mysteries.

With like-minded guests who are experts in the episode’s topic, the series sets out to uncover unexplained phenomena, futurism and ancient civilisation. Give the Mile Higher Podcast a listen if exploring the mysteries of the universe is your thing.

10. Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

Best friends and social media stars Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz bring us their Pretty Basic podcast. Not to be mistaken with the negative connotations ‘basic’ holds nowadays, but their series is just that - pretty basic. Covering an array of topics from relationships, dealing with anxiety and insight into their own fascinating lifestyles, the girls create a sleepover-like atmosphere, where listeners are made to feel like a part of their friendship group.

Boasting an easy and engaging listen, with games, ramble and sometimes some deep discussions, Pretty Basic is a great podcast to get on board with.

11. The Confidence Corner - Callie Thorpe

As an advocate of self-love, blogger Callie Thorpe’s Confidence Corner shines a light on the importance of confidence and self-esteem, offering advice on the challenges of building and maintaining high levels of both. Callie also welcomes guests from all paths of life to share their stories and tips on confidence in careers, politics and wellbeing.

It’s only normal to feel down about ourselves or lack confidence from time to time, so if you’re in need of an inspiring pick-me-up, give The Confidence Corner a listen.

12. Doing It! With Hannah Witton

YouTuber Hannah Witton’s Doing It! series offers open and frank conversations on a range of topics we’re often too shy to talk about. In the safe space that is Hannah’s podcast, we get real on things such as sex, dating, bodies and relationships, hearing guests’ anecdotes and experiences whilst they reflect and advise listeners. You can expect to learn, laugh and maybe even shed a tear or two whilst listening.

If you’ve ever wondered about any of these things, have a listen to Doing It! as it’s likely Hannah and her guests have touched on the topic in an episode.

13. The Gurls Talk Podcast - Adwoa Aboah

Model and influencer Adwoa Aboah offers listeners some fierce female discussions on The Gurls Talk podcast. Tapping into some topical issues in urban cultures, Adwoa has welcomed guests such as Ashley Walters and Ovie Soko to speak on topics including toxic masculinity, mental health and rehab and recovery.

If you’re looking for a voice that represents strong, encouraging female energy, check out The Gurls Talk podcast.

14. Getting Lippy With - Imogen Horton

Content creator Imogen Horton expands her reach with her Getting Lippy With podcast. In her weekly episodes, Imogen tackles her daily struggles in a relaxed, chatty and relatable way with an aim to help listeners deal with things that they’re facing too.

Whilst inviting fellow famous faces in the social media world to join her, Getting Lippy With is a must-listen for anyone simply wanting to fill some time with some entertaining yet relaxing chatter.

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