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About Kendall Rae...

Not a typical social media influencer, Kendall Rae describes herself as a true crime content creator. 

With a passion for true crime, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries and history, Kendall Rae decided to move her hobby to the online space.

Discussing everything from disappearances, serial killers and unsolved viral cases, Kendall Rae has well and truly found a niche and is leading the entire industry. Posting her thoughts and delving into cold hard facts and evidence through YouTube videos, with an aim to make people really think.

Continuing to share her knowledge and passion, Kendall is the host of the Mile Higher podcast alongside her husband. The podcast has become somewhat of a global phenomenon, focusing on crime and conspiracy theories and discussing the ins and outs with guests. 

As well as this, Kendall takes to Instagram to share other aspects of her lifestyle, including documenting her travels and sharing her days with her followers.

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