The number of influencer marketing campaigns being used by brands is on the rise. Predicted to be a $15 billion dollar industry by 2022, influencers are continuing to help brands connect with their consumers more than ever before. 

Influencers spend their time creating content and building a legion of loyal followers, sharing many aspects of their lives. Now, businesses are using influencer marketing campaigns as a way to boost their brand, generate sales and increase general awareness. 

We believe in building brand love, and as leaders in influencer marketing, we specialise in matching brands with the most popular social media influencers and celebrities. Using our global network of authentic content creators, we develop and deliver bespoke influencer marketing strategies that heighten your presence and ensure your brand is loved by millions. 

What is influencer marketing and how can it benefit your brand? 

Influencer marketing is a collaboration between a social media influencer and a brand or business. There’s a variety of influencers available - nano and micro influencers, mid-tier influencers and macro influencers - all with different price points, varying follower counts and advantages to help your brand reach and achieve its goals. 

Many brands are opting to work on influencer marketing campaigns, with 89% saying their return on investment (ROI) from influencer marketing is comparable to, or better than, other marketing channels. As well as bringing in a positive return on investment, influencers are often a more cost-effective option. 

Thousands of purchases are made everyday thanks to online recommendations from well-known social media influencers and internet personalities. However, increasing sales is just one of the many ways that influencers can help. Influencer marketing campaigns are also a great way to raise brand awareness, drive website traffic and expand social media reach. 

Builds trust 

Working with influencers is a great way to build trust with new consumers, which will eventually turn them into long-term customers and brand advocates. 

And, after the effects of Covid-19, 78% of consumers said that they expected brands to help them in their daily lives. So, with that in mind, brands now have more responsibility than ever before and influencers are the perfect asset to help them aid, support and deliver, meeting the needs of consumers. 

This has also heightened the importance of building trust between brands and consumers, and as they are renowned for their relatability, social media influencers are able to do exactly that. 

Having effectively built a community online through shared interests and hobbies, social media users and consumers often rely on the recommendations of influencers. Therefore, if you’re a brand looking to build trust among your consumer base, look no further than influencer marketing. 

This also helps to humanise a brand, making it appear friendly and personable. Consumers will begin to associate your brand with that influencer, and they will help to protect your reputation by sharing authentic reviews and experiences.

With large and loyal followings, influencers are extremely trusted sources and are often seen as friends to their followers. So, once the trust has been built, you will have yourself a long line of loyal consumers and with 63% of consumers aged 18-34 trusting influencers more than branded advertising, it seems like a no brainer, too. 

Increase sales and boost revenue

With 63% of marketers set to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year, social media users should expect to see a lot more '#AD' floating around their feeds, especially as the ASA are continuing to regularly update their guidelines.

An influencer marketing campaign puts your brand at the forefront of the influencer’s social media feeds, which are often followed by thousands, if not millions. These days, consumers are turning to influencers for advice, reviews, and recommendations as to which services or products they should buy. 

Social media users tend to look up to the influencers they follow and are largely influenced by their lifestyle choices, opinions, and purchases. This means the influencers are able to use their influential power to impact the purchasing decisions of consumers. 

There aren’t many things that are more effective than word of mouth and an influencer marketing campaign is exactly that. And according to statistics, businesses make a 600% return for ever £1 spent, proving just how effective influencer marketing really is. 

Raise brand awareness and reach new audiences 

As mentioned above, working with an influencer can put you in great stead with their followers, which can in turn, increase their following, too. 

This will allow social media users to learn more about your brand and its vision, as well as what you can offer them. By collaborating with an influencer specialising in the same niche, brands can reach their specific target audience.

With a multitude of social media platforms available, using them all will also help brands to reach new audiences and potential new consumers that are perfectly aligned with your brand. 

Whether your brand specialises in beautyfashiontravel or health and fitness, there are plenty of influencers that will suit your brand and its goals, helping you to achieve the results you need. By teaming up with an influencer, your brand will receive more social media followers, website views and higher rates of engagement. 

Create better content 

Influencers create for a living – written content, videos, photos - you name it, they do it. They know exactly what their audience wants to see and in what form they want to see it in. 

They’ve spent many years online creating innovative content for a variety of platforms, and when they work with a brand, that content then reflects on them, too.

If brands work with influencers and allow them to handle the elements of creativity, better content and results will be created for both parties. And of course, it is a collaborative, team effort, however it is important for brands and influencers to focus on their main involvement of the campaign in order to achieve the best results possible. 

By doing so, this allows the brand to focus entirely on business, whilst providing the influencer with the opportunity to get their creative juices well and truly flowing, allowing them to connect with their audience. 

With Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV and even TikTok, influencers can create a variety of content, showcasing their capabilities and innovative minds. 

Drive website traffic and improve SEO 

By working with an influencer, brands are likely to receive an increase in website traffic, particularly if the influencer is sharing direct links to the website, product, or service that they are promoting. 

Now, with the likes of Instagram Stories and other platforms having similar features, it has never been easier for influencers to share this information with their audience. For influencers with over 10,000 followers, they can use the ‘swipe-up’ feature, which will take followers and potential consumers directly to the link in one simple swipe. 

With many influencers creating content on their own websites and platforms, this will, in turn, improve SEO for the brand. Naturally, when influencers talk about a product, brand, or service, they will also provide a clickable link, helping to generate high-quality backlinks for your site. 

Now, with the introduction of even more shoppable features across social media, online shopping has never been easier – for both consumers and brands. Apps such as Instagram are introducing shoppable images, of which brands can provide links for consumers to click through to the product and purchase, without having to leave the social media platform. 

Press trips 

Press trips are a great way to get influencers talking about your brand and getting the message out to potential new consumers. Whether it’s a UK staycation or a lavish trip abroad, many luxury brands are turning to the likes of press trips to promote new launches. 

Although there is an upfront cost in terms of travel and accommodation, brands often receive positive coverage from the influencers in attendance. Whether that is in the form of a vlog, an Instagram post or through the use of Instagram Stories - all of which can reach millions of people. 

We previously paired Misha Grimes with luxury watch brand Abbott Lyon. Misha attended a trip with the brand and created a vlog for her YouTube channel in return, which generated an impressive 82,000 views. We’ve also partnered with and the UEFA Champions League for the final in Madrid, in which several high-profile influencers attended. 

How to work with influencers 

Here at Influencer Matchmaker, we do all the hard work for you and spend our time finding brands their perfect match. Whether you require influencers that specialise in fashionbeauty or health and fitness, we have an extensive network of influencers that could be ideal for you and your brand. 

We simply find out what the brand wants to achieve, and we will pair you up with the influencer that can help you achieve exactly that. We take care of all the contracts and logistical elements of the partnership, too. 

There are several ways that working with an influencer can positively impact your brand. From raising brand awareness, increasing sales, driving website traffic, and reaching your target audience, influencers have the power to drive your brand forwards.

So, what are you waiting for? 

If you’re a brand or influencer looking to work on impactful campaigns and collaborations, contact our team of experts today on 02039 580427 or email