How to Measure the Results of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Amelia Neate
Senior Manager
social media analytics

Figuring out how to measure the results of an influencer marketing campaign can be quite daunting. 

With so many options and a variety of ways to view results, we thought we would create the ultimate guide to measuring the results of an influencer marketing campaign. 

From engagement rates to discount codes and website traffic, this guide will help you monitor your campaigns as well as provide you with ways in which you may need to improve. 

And, with 75% of brands dedicating a budget to influencer marketing throughout 2021, it’s best to wise up now.  

So, let’s get to it! 

Choose your goals 

First things first. It is important for brands to decide on their goals before trying to monitor and measure the results of the campaign. 

The goals will be entirely different for each brand. Some may be seeking to grow their social media followings, whilst some may be aiming to increase their sales, and each will need to measure their results in varying ways. 

Consider your target audience, your business needs, and the best ways in which you can achieve your goals. Whatever this may be, there will be a way to monitor the results. 

Goals may include: 

  • Increasing sales 

  • Raising brand awareness 

  • Generating website traffic 

  • Growing social media following 

  • Newsletter subscriptions 

  • Better engagement rates.  


social media conversions

If you’re looking to monitor actions, then you will need to track conversions.  

Conversions can be measured in several ways and cover a variety of actions. So, whether you’re looking to increase sales, new customer sign-ups or newsletter subscriptions, you will need to measure conversions to see whether your campaigns are effective or not. 

It may seem tricky to monitor such steps, but there are a few effective ways you can do this. 

Have you considered the use of UTM links? If not, it is something that can come in extremely handy when trying to monitor the results of a campaign. You can apply a UTM link to most things. From swipe up links that are provided to the influencer to the links in social media posts and within newsletters, UTM links provide brands with tracking information to monitor website visits, clicks and various other conversions. 

You can also create a landing page specifically for tracking your current campaign. Whether it holds a piece of content or a product, it is entirely up to you, but seeing how many views and hits this page gets is a great way of measuring success. 

Discount codes are another way of measuring a campaign’s success. By providing influencers with a discount code to share with their followers, this not only generates sales, but also gives brands information including how many consumers made a purchase using the discount code. This proves the positive impact and power that influencers have, paving the way for the future, and allowing for more detailed influencer marketing campaigns. 

Engagement rates 

social media engagement rate

As with many influencer marketing campaigns, they take place on social media. And one thing that influencers are renowned for is their incredible online engagement rates. 

With large and loyal followership, influencers can attract and target audiences from afar and, over time, build relationships and create their very own online communities.  

Social media platforms now have their own analytics tools, making it easy for influencers and brands to view their engagement rates. Engagement covers everything from likes, impressions and comments.  

Upon completion of an influencer marketing campaign, influencers can send brands a report of the campaign's analytics. Whether it is in the form of an image, video or Instagram Story, all online content can be monitored, and results will be provided. 

So, with that being said, working with an influencer is a great way for brands to boost their own engagement rates.  

After collaborating with an influencer, it is wise to look at your own follower count and social media engagement rates. If you see an increase, then that is proof that the influencer marketing campaign has worked and done its job. 

Website traffic 

Whilst this is simple, it is also crucial. Regularly monitoring your brand's website traffic is a sure-fire way to see who is active on your website and when, as well as monitoring the bounce rate and exactly what drove the users to your site in the first place.  

This will provide you with clear answers as to what to improve upon and what is working well. 

For most brands and businesses, a website is the main communication tool, providing a platform for information, services, and sales, so improving and monitoring website traffic is an absolute must. 

And there we have it! A simple guide to measuring the results of influencer marketing campaigns.  

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