The Best Tactics for Instagram Influencer Marketing

Megan Mosley
Digital Copywriter
best tactics for instagram

Have you ever considered using Instagram influencer marketing as a marketing strategy for your brand or business? Well, you most definitely should!

Whether you’re looking to raise brand awareness, generate sales or promote a new product or service, Instagram influencer marketing is a great strategy to implement to aid growth in whatever capacity.

It isn’t as simple as gifting an influencer a new product or adding a few hashtags to the end of a post. Influencer marketing can be quite the minefield, especially in 2020.

So, here at Influencer Matchmaker HQ, we have put together the ultimate guide to Instagram influencer marketing.

Work with influencers who already know and love your brand

Now, this one may seem odd as an Instagram influencer marketing strategy. Why pay somebody to promote your brand when they already talk about it to their audience? It really is simple.

If an influencer already uses your product or has previously discussed your brand, then they already have an audience that is interested and engaged, meaning they are likely to receive any paid partnership work extremely well.

influencers who love your brand

This tactic also increases the level of trust between the brand, the influencer and the target audience. The audience will recognise the authenticity of the collaboration, resulting in a greater return on investment (ROI) for the brand.

No brainer, right?! We will ensure that we partner your brand with the right influencer and that your campaign is placed at the forefront of an extremely receptive audience.

Involve influencers in product launches and events

Similarly, it is a good idea to invite influencers to events or to get them involved in product launches using Instagram by sharing images and videos to their main feed as well as Instagram Stories.

Getting influencers on board that have similar values and a relevant target audience to the brand will put both the brand and its products or services at the forefront of thousands of potential consumers.

Our team of experts can organise all of this on behalf of your brand. From contracts, travel, accommodation and all other logistics, we take care of it all.

influencer product launch

Create long-lasting partnerships

It is all well and good working with influencers on a one-off basis as it does have benefits and will, of course, generate some ROI. But one-off campaigns can often be forgotten about quite quickly and can be seen as less trustworthy and authentic.

However, nothing is quite as effective as a long-lasting partnership. This proves that the influencer is just as invested in any current and future campaigns as the brand, which is invaluable for potential consumers.

As part of a long-term partnership, influencers become ambassadors of the brand, allowing their audience to get to know the brand on a more regular basis. Influencers also become representatives of the brand, meaning that when you think of the influencer, your mind automatically goes to the brand and vice versa. Which is exactly what brands should strive to achieve as part of their Instagram influencer marketing strategy.

Not only that, a long-term collaboration between a brand and an influencer will create a sincere feeling of trust and authenticity, resulting in more sales, an increase of brand awareness and a greater ROI.

At Influencer Matchmaker, we have over 15 years’ experience of forming successful brand partnerships with some of the biggest names in the world. We understand the importance of working with influencers and the impact they have on a brand.

Get creative

You might notice the paid-partnerships that don’t do too well – they appear staged, are rather uninformed and aren’t at all creative.

But now, with many influencers creating fun and innovative content, competition is fierce, and it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. So, it’s important to provide a creative and detailed brief when working with influencers as you need to catch the attention of potential consumers.

creative campaigns instagram

The content that an influencer creates as part of a collaboration is also a representation of the brand, the campaign and is a deciding factor for the audience and any potential purchases that they may make – now, or in the future.

Content really is key, and our team of experts will provide you with all of the information, statistics and data your brand will need to create an effective and purposeful campaign that catches the eye of thousands.

Create a business profile

As a brand, it is important for your Instagram account to be a business profile. If it isn’t, then switch it – now.

A business profile will make you more visible online, but not only that, it will also provide you with access to Instagram insights.

Instagram insights show your performance on the app, including any changes in followers, profile views, impressions and reach. It will also give you details of the demographics of your followers, from their age, gender and approximate location.

A business profile will also allow you to add a contact button, share promoted posts and so much more.

Create your own hashtag

Instagram isn’t just about hashtags anymore, but they can play a part in getting recognised and improving your Instagram influencer marketing strategy.

Many hashtags are too generic with millions of images attached to them, which, although impressive, isn’t always beneficial as many posts end up getting lost and unseen by many.

instagram hashtag

It is a good idea to create your very own hashtag. Keep it short and simple, something that is relatively easy to find and something that social media users will recognise as a connection to your brand.

Implement the hashtag to your own brand posts, and when working with influencers, ensure that they are also using the hashtag to increase reach and exposure even further.

As part of your Instagram influencer marketing strategy, you should encourage your audience to use the hashtag too, in order to create user-generated content.

Use an influencer marketing agency

Using an influencer marketing agency allows brands to focus on the most important part of their Instagram influencer marketing campaign and enables them to rely on experts to create impressive results time and time again.

Here at Influencer Matchmaker, we take care of all aspects of the campaign – before, during and after. We bring brands and influencers together to create long-lasting and successful partnerships.

With an agency comes industry insights, expertise, and data that brands may not otherwise have access to. All of which can be used to provide vital details for campaigns, including target audience, engagement and other informative statistics.   

Influencer marketing agencies have the knowledge and understanding of what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

Influencer Matchmaker and our team of experts are here to make sure your campaign is the best is can possibly be, and we’ll be there every step of the way, too.  


We understand how important Instagram influencer marketing is, especially as we are about to enter a new decade of influencer marketing. As we said, it can be quite the minefield, but fear not, we’re on hand to help.

To find out how Influencer Matchmaker can help you with finding the perfect influencer that not only represents your brand and product but also has access to the right audience,contact ustoday.