What is TikTok and is it Right for Your Brand?

Megan Mosley
Digital Copywriter

The reincarnation of lip-synching app musical.ly, TikTok is a short-form video creation and sharing social media app for over 13s that has found popularity with a rather varied fan-base.

Social media users all around the world love TikTok due to its creative nature and the fact that they can express themselves online, gain a following and build a community around their passions. It is also another platform for them to interact with some of their favourite brands and influencers on a more lighthearted level.

Why is the App Great?

Many love the app thanks to its jokey and creative format of short music videos - think of it as karaoke for the digital age. A reinvention of musical.ly, creators state that: “TikTok incorporates the most popular elements of musical.ly with a feed that highlights the users’ community, in addition to a “For You” feed that uniquely serves a curation of personalised video recommendations based on viewing preferences”.


The popularity of TV shows such as Lip Sync Battle has also helped to drive the interest in this type of platform. Primarily, it feels more organic and entertaining than more corporate sites such as Twitter and Facebook and options can be specifically tailored to an individual’s interests. Currently, the app is available in 75 different languages with an impressive 150 million active users.

How Does it Work?

Like other forms of social media, users can follow other users as well as ‘like’ and comment on other videos. Consumers can also send emojis to their favourite users and influencers. Users of the app can select the song they wish to use in their video first, then record themselves miming along to the music, or maybe even creating catchy dances that often go viral on the platform.

Alternatively, users can record their video first and then select a song afterwards. The app has lots of ways to be more fun and creative. For example, there are options to shoot in slow motion, time-lapse, fast forward, add filters and even play the song backwards. Once happy, the video can be shared for their followers to see, or distributed on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. There is also a duet feature that allows users to collaborate on videos.

The search tool allows consumers to find and view a wide range of videos ranging from different creators to certain categories, as well as content under trending hashtags. They can submit videos using these hashtags and compete in various challenges. By default, all accounts are public, but they can be set to private/friends only. With a private account, user videos remain hidden whilst the profile itself is still public. Like other social media sites, other users can be blocked and inappropriate content may be flagged.

TikTok X Social Media Influencers

TikTok has allowed it’s users to become somewhat of an influencer through the platform.

Loren Gray began her journey to stardom when she created a channel on the popular music sharing app, musica.ly - now known as TikTok. Here, her popularity was quick to bloom as she gained over 28 million followers. Since then, she has gone on to achieve global recognition and signed a contract deal with Virgin Records and started to release her own music.


Loren is now a world-renowned influencer known across all social media platforms, with 17.8 million followers on Instagram and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube - all thanks to TikTok.

The Dobre Twins and Holly H have also risen to fame with help from the infamous TikTok.

Is TikTok Useful for Your Brand?

Whether you choose to implement TikTok as part of your brand strategy or strategy as an influencer, very much depends on several factors.

Firstly, it is important to understand what your brand’s identity or your image as an influencer is. If a brand is young and fun with a youthful demographic or you are an influencer who is blogging to a teen audience, then it could potentially be both fun and beneficial to have a presence on the app.

TikTok can also be used to relax a more corporate brand image where appropriate. For example, a stationery brand that wants to be known for its fun notebooks rather than its filing paper. However, proceed with caution.

Is TikTok Here to Stay?

Whilst building a brand around TikTok is not a particularly smart move, it can be used as a fun little addition to certain brands, allowing the company to remain relevant and also to interact with their consumers. Nevertheless, the site is not without controversy, so make sure to evaluate exactly what it is that you want to communicate before releasing material onto the platform.

Despite the controversy, TikTok is continuing to soar and is beginning to collaborate with a variety of well-known talent, including Jacob Sartorius, Baby Ariel, Jason Nash. Influencers have also made their fame and fortune through the app, such as Loren Gray.


The social media video app has also ventured into the UK market and has a number of UK ambassadors, including Love Island stars India Reynolds and Anton Danyluk as well as Made In Chelsea star, Georgia Toffolo.

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