Breaking into the world of business is no mean feat. It’s competitive, unpredictable, and challenging, and even more so now thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

But, when you already have a guaranteed consumer base that is highly engaged and dedicated to following your every move, it seems to be the perfect opportunity to start your own business. 

With millions of followers from around the globe, this is fast becoming the case for many social media influencers.

Having originally started out by sharing videos, blogs or Instagram posts, influencers are now leveraging their elevated online presence to turn their passions into profitable business ventures

Whether it’s collaborating with a well-known brand or going it alone and launching their very own empire, these well-known social media figures are finding new ways to make a living from their online fame.

Now, some of the most successful businesses in the beautyfashion and fitness worlds are the result of the hard work and visions of a social media influencer

Paving the way for many budding social media stars, here are five of the most successful influencers who have gone from influencer to entrepreneur... 

Jamie Laing

From reality television star to self-made entrepreneur, Jamie Laing is one of the industry’s most successful influencers and entrepreneurs. 

During his role on the BAFTA award-winning reality series Made in Chelsea, Laing began to carve his path towards a sweeter world. His entrepreneurial eye spotted a gap in the confectionery market, inspiring him to create his very own company, Candy Kittens. 

Offering an array of tasty flavours and products whilst maintaining the finest of quality, the company began producing sweets that accommodated the tastes of both the young and old, as well as the gluten-free and the vegan.

Candy Kittens has expanded its outreach by promoting merchandise on their company website, offering accessories, bags, and notebooks alongside their confectionery range. The company has now received national recognition and continues to thrive within the confectionery industry. 

Elle Darby 

Elle Darby began her journey to online stardom in 2014 when she created her YouTube channel.

Throughout her career, Elle has created content that reflects her lifestyle. From health and fitness to fashion and beauty, Elle has established herself quite the career.

Taking things one step further and combining her passion for both fashion and business, Elle, alongside her fiancé Connor, has launched her very own business. Named Angelle Collection, the brand focuses on luxury loungewear and pyjamas.

The luxury British loungewear is designed in-house – by real women, for real women. Having launched several sell-out collections, it is no doubt that Elle and her Angelle Collection will continue to see such roaring success. 

Alex and Olivia Bowen 

So, we’re slightly cheating here as this isn’t just one person. But since leaving the Love Island villa way back when Alex and Olivia Bowen have worked both hard and smart to achieve all that they have.

Both Alex and Olivia have collaborated with hugely powerful brands and have even launched their own fashion business. 

Investing in their future, Alex and Olivia have founded Exempt Society, a clothing label for both men and women. And, with frequent drops and new styles being added, it is proving to be extremely successful. 

With regular clothing collections, including the likes of online fashion giant In The Style, Alex and Olivia are a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

All of that, combined with Alex’s business within the health and fitness industry, the couple are destined for even more triumph and success, proving exactly how to go from an influencer to an entrepreneur. 

Greg Shepherd 

As the husband of former TOWIE star Billie Faiers, now Shepherd, Greg has followed suit and has become both an influencer and an entrepreneur. 

Following many years of starring in The Mummy Diaries alongside his wife and sister-in-law, Greg soared in popularity and has become somewhat of a powerhouse.

With an impressive social media following and brains to match, Greg has ventured into the world of writing. Now an established author, Greg has written a variety of children’s books, which star his very own children, Nelly, and Arthur. 

Nelly and Arthur’s Big Day Out follows the fictional adventures of the children and since their launch in 2020, they have proven to be incredibly popular. 

Jess Hunt

If you’re interested in beauty influencers, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Refy Beauty and its founder, Jess Hunt

Beginning her journey as a UK model and influencer, Jess is known for her picture-perfect Instagram feed, filled with outfit snaps and close-up makeup shots. 

Taking her passion for beauty that one step further, Jess recently created her very own business. Refy Beauty focuses on redefining beauty, with a particular focus on brows.

Breaking beauty boundaries and releasing never-seen-before products, Jess and Refy Beauty has truly transformed the industry. Regularly selling out of products and being promoted by some of the world’s biggest stars, Jess and Refy Beauty are in for a long and successful ride, we’re sure. 

The future of influencers -> entrepreneurs 

As more social influencers become business moguls, the way in which brands work with influencers will undoubtedly continue to change. 

Brands are no longer limited to collaborating on small-scale sponsored content and instead, can reap the benefits of investing in full product lines and collections.

What’s more, influencers themselves can continue to further their career and turn it into something that stretches far beyond anything they could have originally imagined.

Being an influencer isn’t just about blogging or talking to a camera, it’s now about turning passions or hobbies into serious business models that make millions. 

With influencer marketing continuing to grow year on year, we expect to see many more influencer collaborations and new empires that start from small social media platforms. The question is, who is next in line to become a successful entrepreneur? 

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