How Influencers Can Help Launch a New Brand

Amelia Neate
Senior Manager
Influencers Helping Launch a New Brand

As we move further into 2021, it is becoming increasingly apparent just how successful and powerful social media influencers can be. 

They are no longer just a way to promote a new product or service – they have also been able to help launch an entirely new brand – yes, really! 

Take Gymshark and Daniel Wellington, for example. Both are now leaders within their chosen industries, and both began as small start-ups, utilising social media and the influencers among it. 

After launching its business in 2011, Daniel Wellington sold over a million timepieces in just three years and by 2015, had earned an impressive revenue of $220 million – all by focusing its efforts on influencer marketing. And to this day, this is still a strategy they home in on.  

Similarly, Gymshark has also seen such huge successes thanks to its influencer marketing strategy. And it was recently announced that after the brand’s launch in 2012, Ben Francis, founder of Gymshark, had created what is now a £1billion+ company.  

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at some of the ways that influencers can help launch a new brand... 

Create brand awareness 

Perhaps the most important of them all.  

Often, with large and loyal followings, social media influencers have the ability to create brand awareness for businesses that they may not have had access to otherwise. 

To put it simply, without brand awareness, there is no brand. This allows consumers to recognise the brand or business, what it stands for, what their products or services are and puts the brand firmly on the map.  

Brand awareness helps lead to other pivotal points within the brand’s journey to growth and creates that all-important association. 

The more people see and recognise your brand, the more potential consumers will become familiar with it, and whilst it isn’t a metric that can be precisely determined, it is essential to overall success. 

Builds trust 

influnecer brand unboxing

The most important aspect of almost all walks of life is trust. And trust is exactly what social media influencers bring to the table. 

Influencers have incredibly loyal audiences, many of which trust everything they say and recommend.  

Social media influencers play the role of an online best friend, with many of their followers turning to them for advice, recommendations, and inspiration in whatever it is their niche is.  

Having generated solid trust with their audiences throughout their many years online, influencers are renowned for their levels of quality and high standards.  

Social media users relate to social media influencers and because of this, they trust them. With reports suggesting that 92% of consumers trusting influencer marketing over more traditional methods, this proves just how trustworthy and credible their opinions and social posts really are. 

Provides brands with an audience 

Social media influencers have access to a large and often varied audience, so by working with them to launch a brand places you in front of an audience that you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to. 

And, prior to working with an influencer, brands will have established who their target audience and demographics will be, so it would be wise to work with somebody who already creates content that resonates with your brand.  

In doing so, you will also be placing your brand in front of your desired audience and potential consumers. 

Grow social followings 

As well as creating general brand awareness, influencers can also help you to grow your social media following. 

Influencers spend their entire careers online, working hard to maintain their relationship with their followers and audience, so they really are the experts.  

By working with an influencer to launch your brand, you will naturally grow your social media following, as their followers will gradually turn into yours, too.  

And although you may not think so at first, social media followers are not just users of the platform, but consumers, too. They will be consuming all the content you create and put out and will also become potential consumers of your product or service. 

Increase website traffic and sales 

Influencer brand giveaway

Whether influencers provide direct links to your website, or if they just point their audience in the direction of your social media channels, this will help to generate website traffic, which will in turn, create sales. 

Now, with the use of swipe-up links on Instagram and other functionalities across social media, it has never been easier to redirect people to your website, or directly to a particular product. 

With such ease and accessibility, this increases the likelihood of people not just visiting your website, but of purchasing an item, too – which is the end goal, right? 


There are endless opportunities for your brand when working with influencers. So, if you’re looking to launch a new brand and are in need of some help, or perhaps you’d like to promote a new product or service, then look no further. 

Here at Influencer Matchmaker, we can partner your brand with the perfect match, creating impressive results. 

For more information, please contact our matchmaking experts by emailing or give us a call on 0203 9580 487.