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The Nasey Family are a young family of four, documenting their lives on YouTube. Consisting of parents, Casey Barker and Nicole Corrales and their two beautiful children Harlow and Lake, they’re quickly becoming one of the most popular family influencers in the UK.

Launching the family channel back in 2016, the Nasey Family have gone on to make a name for themselves amongst the parenting and YouTube community. Uploading vlog-style videos as well as silly family challenges, their content is both entertaining and lighthearted.

Documenting their lives as young parents, Casey and Nicole share everything with their loyal followers. From behind the scenes footage as first-time parents to gender reveals, family routines and “A Day in the Life” style videos, the Nasey Family are honest and authentic with their viewers.

It seems fame runs in the family, as Casey is brother to YouTube star Saffron Barker. With their thousands of followers, there’s little wonder that the Nasey Family blew up online as quickly as they did!

With their ability to reach out to a large and varied audience, the Nasey Family are the perfect influencers to work with for your next brand awareness campaign.

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