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A familiar face in the world of lifestyle influencers, Lottie Murphy is a sought-after name in influencer marketing. Born and bred in London, Lottie's online Pilates routines have helped to inspire budding fitness enthusiasts both within the UK and further afield.

Delivering an eclectic mix of top content across various social media channels as well as her very own website, Lottie has built up an enviable online following. Sharing her favourite healthy recipes, lifestyle tips and Pilates workouts, Lottie is the go-to person for modern individuals who are passionate about fitness and healthy living.

Appreciated for her personal touch and her role in making Pilates accessible to a wide audience, Lottie has become a true powerhouse with an in-depth understanding of digital marketing. To date, some of her most popular videos include her Pilates Series That Hits All The Abs and her Standing Sculpting Pilates Routine.

Lottie's passion for Pilates has seen her organise incredible fitness retreats for her dedicated fans. Having organised her first retreat in 2017, the event provided participants with an unrivalled opportunity to experience wellness and comfort abroad. As such, these retreats have helped strengthen her reputation as a leading fitness influencer.

As a result of her unquestionable popularity, Lottie has featured as part of several notable influencer marketing campaigns. In 2017, Lottie formed an integral part of the influencer network established by iconic fashion publication Cosmopolitan. Working with brands such as River Island, Lottie's work helped to give a significant boost to the brand's highly-anticipated denim campaign. Furthermore, she has since partnered with a wide array of other major brands, including the electronics giant Samsung and clothing brand Superdry Sport.

Apart from providing a wide selection of video content, Lottie is also an established fitness blogger. Having shown a passion for writing from an early age, Lottie has been able to establish a natural connection with readers across the globe. Furthermore, her interest in activewear has also seen her establish herself as a sports fashion influencer.

Having made her mark as a unique name among fitness influencers, Lottie Murphy has a bright future in influencer marketing ahead of her. The ideal match for brands working in the area of fitness, wellness, fashion and more, Lottie's impact is most definitely worth exploring.

To collaborate with Lottie Murphy, or to find out more about how social media influencers can help to boost your brand marketing campaign, contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at contact@influencermatchmaker.co.uk. Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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