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About Becoming Filipino...

Known more fondly by his YouTube channel name Becoming Filipino, Kyle is a Canadian travel blogger who experienced an unexpected level of fame after starting his account. After sharing a documentary-style blog, highlighting the positive experience he had in the Philippines, Kyle quickly rose to fame on social media.

Kyle started his channel back in December of 2006, but only saw the followers flooding in by the thousands after he posted his documentary series on the Philippines. Since then, his follower count across various platforms has continued to grow.

Regularly vlogging his travel experiences, especially when he visits the Philippines, Kyle gives his loyal followers a dose of travel inspiration. The vlog-style videos give a first-hand experience of the different countries that he visits, highlighting all of the key points about each destination.

Since his channel Becoming Filipino came into the limelight, Kyle has done very well in his career and has earnt a number of awards. For example, he was honoured with the Choose Philippines Award for Best Pinoy at Heart in 2016 and was also featured in CBC News Canada's online newspaper in February 2017.

His videos range from visiting hotspot tourist destinations, as well as explaining some of the lesser-travelled areas. Kyle also tries local dishes and street food in entertaining vlogs. His videos provide insight into the lives of the locals, as well as all the things tourists can do during their visit.

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