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As the mastermind behind the viral photo series Follow Me To, Russian photographer Murad Osmann has become one of the biggest travel influencers online today. Since taking that famous first shot of his then-girlfriend Nataly, Murad has enjoyed a meteoric rise through the travel influencer ranks. Having been named one of the world's top travel influencers by Forbes magazine, he has continued to expand his online reach.

Murad's rise to fame began with a single picture of Nataly, taken whilst on holiday in Barcelona back in 2011. When the couple published the picture on photo-sharing platform Instagram, the picture became an instant hit. The image - which saw Murad stretch his hand out to her from behind the lens - would go on to spark an iconic viral trend that continues to be popular to this very day.

The Follow Me To project was born, and it has continued to grow at a rapid pace ever since. Successfully turning the social media account into a full-blown brand, Murad became a well-known social media influencer in the years that followed, building up more than 4 million followers on Instagram alone. From Havana to Kamchatka and from Moscow to Bali, Murad's incredible photography became the glue that held each of his destinations together.

The trend was soon picked up by scores of audiences around the world, and it wasn't long before social media users began to post their own take on the Follow Me To project. Using the hashtag #Followmeto, hundreds of thousands of photos inspired by the project soon saw the light of day.

The success of Murad's project also brought him significant success in other areas. Working alongside Nataly, the couple went on to release their best photographs in the form of a book published by Skyhorse Publishing. As if that weren't enough, the duo also hosted their very own travel programme on Channel One Russia, which saw them travel the world in the public eye.

As a result of his unquestionable success, Murad Osmann has become an ideal partner for a variety of brands looking to strengthen their influencer marketing campaigns. Offering access to millions of dedicated travel enthusiasts, Murad is undoubtedly an influential figure in the digital sphere.

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