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The name Sarah Ashcroft is synonymous with influencer stardom. Boasting an online fanbase that easily surpasses the million mark, Sarah has enjoyed incredible success as one of the top travel influencers in the digital landscape.

One of Sarah's most recent travels saw her team up with We Are Komodo, touching down in beautiful places such as Mauritius. Furthermore, Sarah also visited Australia with Bondi Sands during the beginning of 2018, as well as visiting the likes of Cyprus, New York, Mykonos, Los Angeles, Jamaica and more. Taking viewers along with her as part of her Come Away With Me series, Sarah's travel vlogs are instrumental in getting her viewers excited about embarking on their own journeys abroad.

Although Sarah has enjoyed significant popularity as a travel influencer, her online ventures aren’t just limited to that area. As the creator of That Pommie Girl – an immensely popular blog aimed at sharing her passion for all things fashion – Sarah has long been a role model for fashion-conscious followers around the world. Sharing insight into the latest trends, looks and designs, her unique style has proven to be an influential force.

Anyone who takes a look at Sarah's blog will instantly recognise the beauty and simplicity of her approach. Sarah's passions take centre stage throughout every part of her blog and social media channels, which is one of the reasons she has become such a renowned social media influencer. Even though she offers an eclectic mix of top content, followers from all walks of life have been able to call Sarah's platform home. Enjoying widespread appeal with audiences within the UK and abroad, Sarah has deservedly become one of the biggest names in travel, fashion and lifestyle.

Numerous well-known brands have picked up on Sarah’s success, collaborating with her as part of their influencer marketing campaigns. To date, Sarah has already set up her very own clothing lines together with Missguided and In the Style, a fitness supplement range with LDNMuscle, a range of sunglasses with Noughts and Kisses and much more. Helping each of these brands to realise their full potential, Sarah's vast and engaged following has enabled them to reach an exciting new audience.

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