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About Mr. Ben Brown...

Photographer and filmmaker Ben Brown has achieved widespread acclaim with his channel Mr. Ben Brown. Documenting his travels to far-flung destinations across the globe, millions of followers have been able to share in his exciting adventures. For this reason, Ben's popularity has continued to soar to new heights with each passing day.

Passionate about telling stories through his films and photography, Ben's YouTube journey began back in 2012. Prior to that, Ben had already enjoyed significant experience in pushing his own limits, having achieved success as a World Champion kayaker. Since then, his journey into the world of influencers has proven to be a rewarding one.

One of Ben's most daring projects saw him undertake a journey to one of the most remote places in the world - the Arctic. Taking part in an Arctic cruise alongside the likes of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, Ben filmed the entire experience as part of a YouTube series. Watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers from all over the world, the journey proved to be an exciting addition to his incredible output.

Although he is undoubtedly a role model for travel enthusiasts all over the world, Ben has also been able to establish an authentic connection with audiences in several other areas. His open and honest approach to his blogs has helped to endear him to readers and viewers from all walks of life, enabling him to have a positive impact on the lives of many people.

Offering a varied mix of content that includes vlogs, blogs, contests and giveaways, Ben has excelled in his role as a travel influencer. As a testament to his popularity, he has even begun to offer his own line of merchandise, shaping his online influence into a fully-fledged business empire.

Some of Ben's most notable projects include his work for iconic automotive brand Audi, delivering a visually striking film shoot for the Audi Sport. Furthermore, he has also taken part in a fruitful collaboration with watch brand OMEGA, showcasing its Seamaster model to the world. With many more exciting brand collaborations behind him, it's easy to see why Ben has been regularly called upon to feature as part of influencer marketing campaigns.

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