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About Franklin Boateng...

Franklin Boateng is a respected figure in the realm of social media influence, entrepreneurship, and brand marketing. This social media expert, renowned for his expertise in Twitter and blogging, also extends his influence as a social media teacher for educational institutions and summer camps. A co-founder of businesses like Rxtro and Healtfulness, Franklin’s entrepreneurial flair is unmistakable.

Franklin’s journey began in 2010 with the launch of Fabs Network, a social networking site that quickly gained traction with over 1,000,000 monthly hits and 5,000 members in its first year. This early success marked the start of his ascent as a social media guru. He is particularly celebrated as the UK's premier sneaker blogger, a title he has earned through his Instagram platform King of Trainers, boasting over 118K followers to date. Additionally, he founded 'The Drop of the Year Awards' for trainers and launched Footwear Jobs, further cementing his status in the footwear industry.

Beyond digital platforms, Franklin has made significant contributions, such as his TEDx talk 'A Social Media Mind'. He emphasises the responsible use of social media, particularly for young people, showcasing his commitment to ethical digital engagement. His consultancy roles in cultural experiences demonstrate his deep understanding of contemporary culture and trends.

A pivotal moment in Franklin's career was his influence during the Tottenham riots in 2011. His use of the hashtag '#TottenhamRiots' and real-time updates on Twitter led to significant media coverage, including an interview with BBC. This exposure expanded his influence, leading to collaborations with SKY TV and features on notable platforms like Marvel's Instagram page.

In the fashion domain, Franklin's expertise has made him a sought-after figure. His insights on fashion have been featured on BBC's Victoria Derbyshire Show and ITV's Good Morning Britain, and he has appeared on various podcasts. His exclusive trainer collaboration with Ellesse in 2020 and partnership with Focus-Brands for the Avirex brand highlight his impact in the fashion industry.

However, Franklin's influence extends beyond fashion. He has attracted partnerships with non-fashion brands like Raleigh Bikes and Jameson Whiskey, showcasing his versatility and appeal across industries. His ability to connect authentically with his audience makes him an invaluable asset for brands looking to expand their reach and impact.

Franklin Boateng's journey reflects his adaptive and innovative spirit, proving that he is not just a fashion influencer but a dynamic force across various sectors. His continued success and dedication are a testament to his ability to inspire and lead in the ever-evolving world of social media and beyond.

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