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About Amy Hulley...

Amy Hulley, based in Hertfordshire, UK, stands out as a leading travel influencer with a notable background in digital marketing. Her expertise lies in propelling brands to their zenith in the online space, a passion she expertly channels through her captivating travel content. Specialising in showcasing luxury hotels, exotic destinations and stunning natural landscapes, Amy captivates a predominantly UK-based audience eager for the next breathtaking adventure.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, Amy's journey from being an ex-model and influencer agency director to becoming a digital marketing maven is remarkable. She has a proven track record in producing digital marketing campaigns for influencers and models, securing collaborations with renowned brands such as Burberry and Vivienne Westwood. This rich experience has undoubtedly honed her skills in creating compelling and engaging content that resonates with a broad audience.

Amy's influence in the travel industry is underscored by her impressive collaborations with top-tier brands like The Dorchester Collection, Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, Ritz Carlton, Hilton, MSC Luxury Cruises, Samsonite, Marriott Bonvoy and Her ability to create visually stunning and engaging short-form vertical content has earned her videos over 100 million views, a testament to her creative prowess and understanding of audience engagement.

Her accolades speak volumes about her impact and recognition in the industry. Named 'Influencer of the Year 2024' at the prestigious TravMedia Awards, Amy's travel content is celebrated for its quality and influence. This award, judged by high-profile travel journalists, editors, PR professionals and industry executives, highlights her status as a top-tier influencer. Additionally, Amy has been mentioned in The Sunday Times article, ‘Flying High: How Influencers are Shaking Up the Travel Industry,’ and recognised by HypeAuditor as one of the Top Travel Influencers in the UK, further cementing her credibility and authenticity in the digital space.

Moreover, Zine, a prominent influencer marketing platform, listed Amy among the top 15 Inspiring Travel Influencers, showcasing her ability to inspire and set trends within the travel community. Amy Hulley's dedication to creating captivating travel content and her strategic prowess in digital marketing make her a standout influencer, continuously inspiring her audience to explore the world’s most beautiful destinations.


"Amy's pictures on Instagram are beautiful, we hope to welcome Amy back to The Dorchester in the near future." - The Dorchester

"We've had an influx of traffic on both our socials and website since Amy posted, with a 50% increase in web traffic from the UK" - Lanelay Hall Hotel & Spa UK

"Amy's content always performs so well across our channels with over 22 million views across our Instagram and TikTok" -

"We were so impressed by the quality. Amy's content is truly amazing, she showcased the property in such a beautiful way." - Samsonite Europe

"We love Amy's content. Amy is perfect for long-term collaborations because she is so pleasant to work with" - Marriot

"The week Amy posted we saw Google trend searches for 'Breeden Priory Spa' were up 2250% which is incredible!" - Spa at Breedon Priory UK

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