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About Damon and Jo...

Damon Dominique and Joanna Franco are the founders of the well-known travel blog Shut Up and Go. Having built up a combined following of more than 2 million followers across several platforms, the duo has become one of the best-known social media influencers in the area of travel.

Both Damon and Jo have acquired vast experience travelling throughout various corners of the globe. They have each been traveling abroad for more than a decade, maintaining a successful online platform along the way. Having explored iconic destinations across Central America, Asia, Africa, North America, Europe and South America, Damon and Jo are the living embodiment of the Shut Up and Go philosophy.

As a team, they became the masterminds behind Shut Up and Go, which aims to inspire its readers and viewers to embark on their very own journeys. Having written hundreds of articles full of tips and inspiring advice, Damon and Jo are some of the most prolific travel influencers in the world today.

Shut Up and Go features varied content that caters to an incredibly wide audience. Boasting written content that deals with the topics of travel diaries, language learning, minimalism, life stories, must-haves, art history, travel dating and more, Damon and Jo’s platform is one of the most versatile travel blogs around. Unsurprisingly, the platform has undergone significant growth in recent years, having built up a team of more than 10 contributors from all walks of life.

Having acquired an immense following over the course of their travels, Damon and Jo are the ideal partners for brands looking to embark on influencer marketing campaigns. Offering organisations of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to connect with a new and exciting audience, Damon and Jo are able to play a crucial role in strengthening brand awareness.

As a result of their success, the duo has since branched out into several other areas. Most notably, they recently authored their very own e-book – Get High with Us: Shut Up and Go Guide to Flying. In it, the duo relies on their extensive flying experience to share some of their favourite tips on the ups and downs of air travel. As such, the duo’s incredible influence looks set to expand even further in the years to come.

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