5 Reasons Why You Should Work with Bloggers


Working with bloggers is a trend that is impossible to ignore, but you may be asking yourself, why should my brand work with one? Well, we’re here to tell you the top 5 reasons why...

#1 - Impact of Word of Mouth Marketing

To this day, ‘word of mouth marketing’ is one of the most successful forms of marketing. With over 47% of online consumers using adblockers, brands now rely on bloggers to talk about and review their products. An example of this is Daniel Wellington watches, who just a few years ago was a brand nobody had heard of, partnering with the likes of Kendall Jenner, Zoella and Lauren Bath who simply posted on Instagram how much they loved the brand. This proved to be a huge success as the brand is now worth over a whopping $220 million, a vast improvement from their 2011 $15,000worth.

#2 - Access to Larger Audiences

Since bloggers have such large social media platforms, your brand will have access to their audience which, in turn, will mean that you can reach your target market more effectively than through other forms of advertising.

#3 - It'll Cost Less Than You Think

It may come as a surprise but working with bloggers is significantly cheaper than other advertising options, such as TV adverts. There are a number of different ways to work with influencers. You can pay them to write sponsored posts or work with them in partnership, placing them as your brand ambassador.

#4 - Site Traffic

Bloggers, vloggers and video creators can also drive a lot of traffic to your site. Think about it, if ten well-known influencers are talking about how good your brand is, their millions of viewers or readers are going to want to find out more about you and therefore click onto your brand’s website.

#5 - Return on Investment

At the end of the day, the most important factor for your business is ROI. All of the reasons above contribute to this; if you’re working with an influencer who has the right target audience for you alongside large social media platforms, they are most likely going to convince their ‘fans’ to buy from your site.

An example of this would be ‘HelloFresh’ working with parent YouTube creators like Louise Pentland, A.K.A SprinkleofGlitter, and Emily Norris. To sell the brand, the YouTube stars simply reviewed the service and demonstrated how easy the products are to work with, to their combined 1.2 million subscribers. They also promote a £25 off discount code meaning someone out there will be more encouraged to make a purchase.

Despite the obvious benefits, more and more businesses are missing out on such a huge opportunity for a new online presence. With the generation of today, potential customers are relying on search engines, blogs and reviews to encourage them to make a purchase.

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