5 of The Best Influencers Over 35 To Follow

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The rise in social media has subsequently led to the influx of social media influencers - all of which share the common interest of creating engaging content for their audiences.

In the age of digital marketing, the influencing industry is extremely inclusive, allowing people of all ages with different interests to create and watch online content in the form of blogs, YouTube videos or social media feeds. With so much content available, there really is something for everyone.

In particular, the number of influencers over the age of 35 are continuing to grow. This new wave of influencers have built a great following and a very successful platform for themselves and their audience, by simply knowing exactly who their audience is and what they want.

As of July 2019, only 28.9% of Instagram users are aged 35 and over, and only 15.8% of those are aged between 35 and 44 - it is safe to say that they are definitely in the minority. However, it does not mean that there isn’t an influencer out there for them to follow.

To help you find the best influencers to follow, we have put together a list of some of Influencer Matchmakers’ favourite influencers over the age of 35.

Casey Neistat

Vlogger, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur

38-year-old Casey Neistat is a hugely successful American YouTube personality, vlogger, filmmaker and entrepreneur.

Casey began his career making a series of films before venturing into the world of YouTube, making his debut on the platform back in 2010. Almost a decade later, the father of three has gained over 11.3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 3 million on Instagram.

Sharing his life through videos and short films, Casey takes to social media to document his life through a series of daily vlogs, as well as weekly lifestyle videos and product reviews.

Since becoming a father for the second and third time, Casey and his wife Candice also use their platforms to discuss parenthood and relationship issues.

Casey is well-known for creating beautifully made content while also being extremely real and honest with his audience. A tech and gadget junkie, Casey has worked with some of the worlds most successful brands, taking influencer marketing to a whole new level. Brands have included Samsung, J.Crew, UPS and Google.

Jonathan Joly (SacconeJolys)

Daily Vlogger, Father and Author

Irish social media star, Jonathan Joly shares YouTube channel ‘SacconeJolys’ (formerly LeFloofTV) with his wife, Anna Saccone. The 39-year-old began filming videos for YouTube to document his daily life and now, almost a decade later, he is a fully fledged daily vlogger and YouTube sensation.

Together, the duo post videos with their four children, bringing everybody along for the ride of parenthood. Jonathan has shared the ups and downs of life with his 1.9 million subscribers, from the home-birth of his puppies, the pregnancies and birth of each of his children, experiencing a miscarraige and the criticism that comes with sharing your life online.

Now, with four children and six dogs, a forever home and a self-made empire worth almost $2 million, Jonathan has also branched out into the world of writing following the publication of his debut children's book, ‘The SacconeJolys and the Great Cat-Nap’.

The SacconeJolys have worked with huge household brands such as Boots, Cadbury, LG and Dreamworks Trolls.

Caroline Hirons

Facialist, Beauty Consultant and Blogger

Known as the ‘Queen of Skincare’, Caroline Hirons has well and truly made her mark on the beauty sphere.

Beginning her career working on beauty counters, it wasn’t long before Caroline became a facialist, aesthetician, and now beauty consultant, blogger and YouTuber.

Not quite the traditional beauty blogger, Caroline offers videos, how-to guides, cheat sheets and reviews.

With a global following and over 13 million views on YouTube, she is known for her down to earth yet brutally honest personality and transparency when discussing products and brands. Caroline is so influential, that her opinion can quite literally make or break a product.

If you’re slightly older and want to up your skincare game, or you’re a bit younger and want to get a head start in caring for your skin - CH is the blog for you.

Sam Chapman and Nicola Haste

Sisters, Makeup Artists and YouTubers

Sisters Sam Chapman and Nicola Haste are professional makeup artists and were previously known as Pixiwoo on YouTube and other social media platforms. After launching their channel in 2008 and over two million subscribers, they share their tricks of the trade and discuss all things makeup.

From the perfect red lip, getting winged liner just right and how to get that glow - these two know it all. Both Sam and Nicola were makeup artists for over ten years as part of the MAC Pro team working their makeup magic on a number of famous faces. Although they are professional MUA’s, they show their audience how to create simple and realistic makeup looks.

Beginning their YouTube channel after being inspired by friends who always asked them how to create certain makeup looks, the sisters have since worked on many collaborations and now have their own range of makeup brushes and tools - Real Techniques.

Founded in 2011, Real Techniques has gone from strength to strength, creating tools including the world-famous Miracle Complexion Sponge. The brand has a series of different collections, including the core range, bold metals and brush crush. The brushes have gone on to win a handful of awards and is sold world-wide. The sisters' success has led them to have worked with brands including Sunday Riley, Glossybox and MAC.

Barry Lewis

British Cook, Food Blogger and Author

Barry Lewis, also known to his online audience as My Virgin Kitchen is a British cook, author and food blogger.

Creating his YouTube channel eight years ago, Barry Lewis now has almost 900,000 subscribers. With the aim of improving his culinary skills and trying to learn more about the world of food, Barry quit his job to become a full-time food influencer.

Showing the world that cooking can be fun and doesn’t have to be difficult, Barry posts a variety of videos, from taste tests, recipes, cooking with kids and testing out the latest kitchen gadget.

Hoping to inspire more people to be more creative and fun with food, Barry has worked with a number of brands including Heinz, Apetina and HelloFresh.

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