Social Media Is Taking Responsibility for Child Safety

Amelia Neate
Senior Manager
Social Media Is Taking Responsibility for Child Safety

Social media is an incredible place to be for many. It creates endless opportunities, encourages creativity and in a time like this, keeps us connected to loved ones. 

There are currently 53 million active social media users in the UK alone, and, whilst the majority of people use social media responsibly, there are a few that slip through the net and don’t use it for its intended purposes. 

Despite there being an age limit for almost all social media platforms, there is still a need to keep children and teenagers safe online. 

Over the years, we have seen scary trends on social media including the more recent ‘Momo’ challenge, as well as a number of others, all of which have been aimed at children.  

Whilst many of them may well be a hoax, it just isn’t worth the risk, which is why social media platforms are now taking responsibility for such issues and placing the safety of children as a priority. 

Instagram announces AI tools to put a stop to suspicious activity 

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Recently, Facebook announced a number of new updates for Instagram in a bid to keep children and the younger generation safe whilst using the platform. 

The new update will make it more difficult for adults to privately message teenagers and will encourage the use of private accounts as well as implementing safety notices within the direct messages feature.  

By introducing a new feature that will prevent adults from sending messages to people under the age of 18 who do not follow them, this will reduce potentially suspicious behaviour as well as limiting any unwanted contact. 

Not only this, but the photo-sharing platform will begin to use artificial intelligence to determine a user’s age at signup, hoping to reduce the number of underage users. 

Instagram has stated that it is working hard to invest in features that protect the privacy of its users and aim to keep people safe without accessing the content of private messages. 

Teenagers and younger users of the platform will also be notified in the event of potentially suspicious behaviour or activity. 


So, with that in mind, which social media platform will follow suit in making the safety of children and young users a priority? 

And, with social media seemingly stepping up and putting a variety of safety measures in place, will influencers also use their status to raise awareness of such issues? 

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