The year 2023 looks like it will be bursting with influencer marketing, especially since it’s become one of the most popular forms of marketing around. So many brands are adopting it for their campaigns, and we aren’t surprised.

With the increased trend for influencer marketing, it is predicted to achieve an estimated value of $24.1B by the year 2025. Its popularity speaks volumes, as the demand for influencer marketing reflects its success, particularly now that the online sphere dominates so many aspects of our lives.

Social media is constantly developing, with new platforms, new styles of content, and new ways of engaging with followers. Thinking about Instagram when Reels, Stories and Highlights didn’t exist shows how much social media has developed, and this progression can affect the future trends in influencer marketing.

After the pandemic, connecting virtually with customers became essential, and now eCommerce has risen to be the favoured method of shopping, meaning online efforts for influencer marketing have had to match this demand.

The top trends for Influencer Marketing

With a variety of social media advertising platforms, as well as sourcing the perfect influencer, there are a few things to consider for your next marketing campaign, along with the new trends in influencer marketing.

So, let’s look at what some of the predicted influencer marketing trends of 2023 will be so that you can keep up with and adapt to them...

The increased use of audience insights

The rising use of social media for marketing comes with the advantage of being able to analyse your audience more closely – also known as audience insights.

Being able to understand their behaviours with vital pieces of information means you can tailor your content to them more specifically, ensuring you tap into their interests.

You can discover:

  • Their demographics – age, gender

  • The size of your audience

  • Their interests

  • Their behaviours

  • How they engage with you

For 2023, making full use of audience insights and properly tailoring your marketing efforts to them will be a large factor in driving your influencer marketing to success.

Instagram and TikTok continue to be the favoured platforms

Instagram has become an incredibly popular platform, with 500M daily users. Beyond its size, the range of content available is mind-blowing, meaning your influencer marketing campaigns can be varied and creative.

One of the fastest growing social media platforms is TikTok, and the easy to consume style of content, as well as the vast amount of users it’s acquired, makes it perfect for influencer marketing.

As well as Instagram and TikTok being the best social media platforms for marketing, 2023 will see a greater emphasis on influencers being active across platforms, as consumers, particularly the more loyal fans, like to follow their favourite content creators on each platform they use themselves.

The rise of video content trends continues

As social media users, we have become used to easy, bite-size content that we can view on our phones. With this has come the increased preference for video content, both from the eyes of the viewer as well as the creator.

It offers a new style of storytelling that allows influencers to be creative, and allows viewers to absorb fun, interesting and entertaining content.

Video content will continue to be a top influencer marketing trend in 2023, but also a rising trend in general. Our online habits are constantly changing and developing, which means you should adapt to them to consistently appeal to your desired audience.

The increase of live shopping trends

The rise of live shopping, particularly after the pandemic, has been phenomenal. It involves brands being able to livestream events and sell products in real-time, and on TikTok it means users don’t have to leave the app and can make a purchase there and then.

Now, users are finding a preference for livestreaming events where they can shop live, particularly over other forms of social media purchases. On top of this, they can watch their favourite influencers and make purchases from their live streams. This means your brand can incorporate this trend into its marketing strategies by having influencers sell your products in their live streams!

In fact, in 2022, brands as large as Walmart planned ten influencer collaborations to host live shopping experiences, showing the shift in attitude for shopping and the preference for a more interactive style of purchasing.

The increased popularity of UGC

User-generated content (UGC) is, as it says, content created by a user. It has become popular with brands due to its authenticity and reliability as a source for other customers, giving your brand credibility.

Influencer collaborations with your brand already provide UGC made in a professional way, so UGC from the customer’s point of view provides an even more trustworthy recommendation for your product.

Now, over 86% of businesses incorporate UGC into their marketing strategies, and this is set to continually rise in 2023.

Brands are leaning towards continual partnerships

Making a sale can be difficult, which is why influencers with loyal, engaged followers are perfect for commissioned posts. Brands are aiming to strengthen their relationships, and like influencers who have spent time developing their relationship with their followers, they are planning to do the same.

In 2023, brands may aim to prioritise ongoing partnerships with influencers rather than one-off projects, creating stronger relationships with customers in the process.

This means, looking out for those influencers whom you can imagine a longer working relationship with and are happy to represent your brand for an extended period of time should be considered.

With these influencer marketing trends for 2023, your brand can keep on top of the developing nature of social media marketing, incorporating different trends into your campaigns to drive them to success, creating positive brand awareness and generating profitable sales!

If you would like to find the perfect influencer to work with for your next influencer marketing campaign, get in touch with us and we can help – we look forward to hearing from you!