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About Whitney Simmons...

With a following that exceeds the millions across two platforms, Whitney is a hugely popular fitness influencer, social media celebrity and global fitness icon.

While growing up in Canada, it was apparent that Whitney was poised to make an impact in the world of fitness. Competing in gymnastics and cheerleading at school, Whitney decided to audition for Utah State University’s cheerleading team and was accepted.

It was during her second year in Utah that Whitney’s love for the gym was kindled. After leaving the cheerleading team, she was encouraged by her father to use the gym to lift her mood. She decided to document this regular fitness activity and soon built an incredibly vast and loyal following.

Combining her love and passion for all thing’s health and fitness with social media, Whitney has become one of the most sought-after fitness influencers around. 

Now, Whitney uses her posts to provides her followers with motivation, inspiration and advice throughout her fit-tips videos. 

Also demonstrating a keen interest in fashion, Whitney often shares super-glam looks, as well as healthy and easy-to-cook recipes

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