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About Theo Michaels...

Theo Michaels stands out as a talented social media influencer, celebrated for his mastery of Greek cuisine and Mediterranean flavours. Born in London into a vibrant Greek Cypriot family, Theo's culinary journey is as diverse as it is impressive. His experiences, from living in America to backpacking around the globe, have enriched his palette and culinary skills, leading him to become a beloved culinary TV personality, chef, author, presenter, and a dedicated father residing in Hertfordshire with his family.

After a notable stint on MasterChef in 2014, Theo made the bold decision to resign from a high-ranking corporate position to pursue his true passion for food. This pivotal moment led him to open a highly successful pop-up restaurant, where his 8-course tasting menus, celebrating Greek cuisine, would sell out in mere seconds. Recognised by prestigious publications like The Financial Times and The Telegraph in 2017, Theo's culinary endeavours quickly garnered awards and critical acclaim.

Beyond the pop-up experience, Theo has excelled as a private chef, an executive chef for Elsewhere Events, and an accomplished author with eight published cookbooks under his belt. His work has not only taken him to illustrious venues like the Sheraton Grande Hotel in Bangkok and the exclusive Paresa resort in Kamala Hills, Thailand but also into the homes of families around the world through his engaging social media presence.

Theo's ability to demystify complex recipes and present them in an accessible manner has made him a household name. He ensures that his audience can enjoy simple, yet delightful recipes that bring the warmth and tradition of Greek and Cypriot cuisine into their daily lives. Whether through his website, or his Cooking YouTube Channel, Theo Michaels guarantees a culinary adventure that highlights the elegance of village food, making him a luminous figure in the world of social media influencers.

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