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The Meringue Girls are the epitome of how passion, innovation and timing can lead to extraordinary success in the food and baking world. Their journey began in 2012 when Alex Hoffler and Stacey O'Gorman met in an East London restaurant kitchen. Bonding over their mutual adoration for sweets, they identified a distinct void in the market – the need for a vibrant, avant-garde baking brand deeply rooted in girl power.

Capitalising on London's thriving street food scene, they launched their delectable creations, which instantly created ripples on Instagram. It wasn’t long before London's eminent department stores were vying to feature their delightful meringues. Their meteoric rise wasn't just confined to the culinary sphere. The Meringue Girls became darlings of the fashion and PR world, with a clientele list boasting luxury brands like Dior, Chanel and Stella McCartney. This, coupled with private orders for high-profile events, underscored their unique standing in the baking industry.

In 2013, their talents were recognised by esteemed publisher Random House, leading to the birth of the Meringue Girls Cookbook, a global bestseller, followed by a sequel, Meringue Girls Everything Sweet, in 2015. Their media presence expanded too, gracing TV shows and amassing a staggering number of views on Waitrose TV’s YouTube channel.

Today, under the leadership of founder Alex Hoffler, who is also a renowned food and props stylist in London, The Meringue Girls have remained trailblazers. They are much more than bakers; they are influencers shaping the sweet world's trajectory. Their impressive collaborations range from window displays for Selfridges to avant-garde recipes for Italian Vogue, reflecting their versatility and artistic flair. They have also been rated for delivering one of London's top foodie masterclasses by the Evening Standard.

In the era of food influencers and digital gastronomy, The Meringue Girls stand tall, exemplifying that with passion, innovation, and a sprinkle of girl power, the world truly can be your oyster – or in this case, your meringue!

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