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About Steve Backshall...

Steve Backshall is best described as an adventurer. His wildlife expertise has taken him across the globe – via mountain ranges, deserts and jungles – to create an impressive filmography of BAFTA award winning television. 

Steve has presented a number of TV shows for various audiences, instilling programmes with his passion for natural history. 

With plentiful knowledge of the natural world, Steve is at ease with garden birds in shows Springwatch, and whilst handling venomous reptiles in extreme locations in Deadly 60.

Posting content from his remarkable travels to enviable locations, Steve uses his platform to inform followers of environmental issues, as well as celebrating the wonders of our planet, scaling mountains or kayaking through tempestuous rivers. Steve is a great educator, often posting educational encounters with intriguing insects and enormous mammals.

Venturing into the world of health and fitness, Steve posts impressive workouts that keep him adventure-ready. Motivating his followers to push their limits, Steve is an incredible example of what we can be inspired to achieve.

Also a father, Steve regularly takes to Instagram to share sweet snippets of family life

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