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About Steph Elswood...

Stephanie Elswood is a fitness influencer who has caught the eyes of thousands in her fitness and health projects across social media. Having engaged in both paid partnerships with a variety of fitness and diet companies as well as launching her own website and digital recipe log, Steph’s entrepreneurial prospects are beginning to blossom.

Before starting her career as a social media influencer and YouTube vlogger, Steph focused her interests on training as a dancer and graduated from the well-respected Urdang Academy with a Diploma in Musical Theatre and Dance. Since then, the diet and fitness influencer has taken her passions onto a digital platform, sharing videos and tutorials on effective diet and fitness tips on YouTube. Gaining over 1.7 million views, Steph’s establishment on social media continues to grow as she takes on further entrepreneurial projects. Having published her online e-book Plant to Plate, she successfully shares her ideas and unique recipes to her online following, strengthening her presence in the digital world. From meat to vegan to gluten free recipes, Steph’s meals cater to multiple dietary requirements with her simple yet interesting recipes.

Her honest nature is a characteristic that defines Steph’s image as a fitness influencer. Being no stranger to health struggles as a young woman, Steph raises awareness on vital issues surrounding unhealthy body image and eating disorders and takes action by completing the Mental Health First Aid course. Effectively, she becomes a motivational icon in supporting both men and women in recovering from toxic perceptions of health and promoting a healthy lifestyle for all her viewers. Her refreshing approach to promoting a healthy lifestyle has landed her opportunities to feature in popular magazines such as Women’s Fitness, Hello!, Grazia, and Women’s Health.

On top of endorsing a healthy and mindful lifestyle, Steph has collaborated with fitness app Fiit and has launched her own fitness classes on the app for people to use and follow. She is able to spread her influence over an interactive, online platform that encourages the public to get in shape without the pressure of attending a public gym or having to leave their comfortable home space. In addition to this, Steph collaborates with New Horizon Escapes to create her own adventure expedition packages for fans and followers to take part in, including an exclusive trip to Koh Tao, offering a week’s worth of activities such as rock climbing, cliff jumping, flying trapeze and muay thai.

Her further collaborations include Puma, PG Tips, Mau Moisture, Avani Hotels, itsu, Fossil, BALDWINS. She frequently promotes brands and products over her social media pages, including YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Furthermore, she worked as European Ambassador for Nike Women and JD Women and worked on several brand deals including Garnier, Holland and Barrett, Tesco's, St Tropez and Sky Sports.

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