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About Sophia Grace...

Sophia Grace is a famous kid influencer who rose to fame after performing Nicki Minaj’s 'Super Bass' on YouTube in 2011. Performing a duet with her cousin, this rising talent was featured on the Ellen show and Sophia became an overnight sensation.

Sophia joined Facebook in 2011 and instantly won hearts and minds with covers of popular songs such as ‘Turn My Swag On’ and ‘Moment 4 Life’. Singing alongside her cousin Rosie McClelland, Sophia is now an international star, with their early videos getting tens of millions of hits.

Following their appearance on the Ellen show, Sophia and Rosie soon became the subject of national attention. Their adorable interview won them a legion of fans and soon people were demanding to see more of the adorable duo. This won them opportunities to feature further on Ellen, and they were soon given their own segment on the show, called Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie.

By this point, the two were national treasures and a movie deal followed in 2014. 'Sophia Grace and Rosie's Royal Adventure' was released to great excitement and its success prompted Warner Bros to offer them a five-picture deal.

Sophia's solo work has seen her write her own songs and she released her debut solo track‘Girls Just Gotta Have Fun’ in 2013. This was quickly followed by ‘Best Friends’ in 2015, which would go on to chart on the Billboard Hot 100and become a big hit on her YouTube channel. This one music video received over two hundred million views and led to Sophia signing a recording deal with Capitol Records France.

Since her signing, she has continued to have great success in the music industry with hits including ‘Girl in the Mirror’. She is still releasing music today and working with fellow musicians and YouTubers, AJ and Deno.

Sophia has also added to her channel with a range of video content to keep her fans coming back for more. Her makeup tutorials, vlogs, family holidays and challenge videos are all hugely popular as she is a role model for young teenagers across the world. Sophia’s vlogs give her fans unique insight into her daily life, her close relationship with Rosie McLellan and ensure she maintains an authentic relationship with her audience.

Her online following goes beyond YouTube, with millions of fans following her Instagram account and Facebook page. Fans flock to her Instagram to see her latest holiday snaps, street style fashion photos and selfies.

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