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Sheli J. McCoy is not just a powerful force in the world of weightlifting but also a burgeoning star on social media and television. Born in 1989 in Windsor, Berkshire, Sheli has leveraged her athletic prowess into a captivating media presence. A graduate of Robert Gordon University with a master’s degree, she has been living in Dundee, Scotland, becoming a well-recognised figure both locally and nationally.

Sheli's career in sports is impressive, having competed in multiple British Weightlifting Championships and CrossFit championships. In 2023, she not only won the Scottish championships in both sports but also set three Scottish records in Olympic weightlifting. Her performance in the 2023 CrossFit championships further highlighted her elite athletic status, ranking 104th among over 23,000 participants.

Transitioning her success from sports arenas to television, Sheli became a standout character as 'Sabre' on the BBC One show Gladiators in 2024. Despite suffering an injury during the semi-finals, her dynamic presence and resilience made her a "breakout star," contributing significantly to the series' success. Initially desiring the show name "Alpha", after her pet husky, she instead brought the fierce and sharp persona of Sabre to life, captivating viewers with her strength and agility.

Sheli's influence extends beyond the TV screen. She has been a guest speaker at Dundee University, sharing insights from her journey in entrepreneurship. Her media engagements continue with appearances on podcasts like BBC Sounds’ For Fitness Sake and on charity shows such as Comic Relief, further solidifying her role as a public figure.

On social media, Sheli's approachable personality and authentic engagement with followers have made her a beloved influencer. She frequently shares training tips, motivational quotes, and personal stories, building a community of followers who admire her dedication and achievements. Through these platforms, Sheli J. McCoy continues to inspire and connect, proving that her talents extend well beyond physical strength to include impactful, influential communication.

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