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About Shane Dawson...

Shane Dawson is an American media personality known for being a comedian, actor, director and musician. More famously recognised for his YouTube channel, Shane regularly posts gripping conspiracy theories, short films and documentaries.

31-year-old Shane was born in California and began posting to his YouTube channel at the young age of 19 to try and kickstart a career in acting. Using the platform as a way to get his work seen and recognised, Shane became well-known for his comedy sketches and music parodies.

Shane began to evolve his YouTube channel and changed his content to something much more mature and age appropriate for his fans - finding his passion of conspiracy theories, documentary series and horror-film style video editing.

Honest and humble, Shane has posted about issues within his personal life including eating disorders and his sexuality. He has gone on to make informative documentaries to help others that may find themselves in similar situations.

Often creating short films surrounding relevant yet controversial topics, Shane has spent a lot of time in the spotlight.

Shane also regularly uploads collaboration videos with fellow YouTube stars, including Jake PaulJeffree Star and Tana Mongeau.

A YouTube original and one of the longest-lasting influencers, Shane boasts over 22.3 million subscribers.

As an avid Instagram user, Shane used this social media platform to announce his engagement to long-term boyfriend Ryland Adams and received a staggering 5.4 million likes.

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