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About Tana Mongeau...

Famed YouTube personality and social media influencer Tana Mongeau is one of the biggest names on the internet today. Offering insight into her daily life in her uniquely informal way, Tana has been able to make an authentic connection with audiences across the globe. Her magnetic personality has proven to be infectious, helping her to build a following of over several millions.

Tana initially created her YouTube channel back in 2015, and her very first videos quickly began to make an impact. Her popularity was reflected in numbers; amassing more than 2 million followers within the space of a single year. Delivering content across the areas of lifestyle and beauty, her wide range of content helped her become a major name on several social media platforms.

Tana became a unique appearance in the digital landscape due to her willingness to offer authentic insight into her life. Sharing the highs and lows of her adventures with an international audience, Tana attracted significant attention for her openness and honesty.

Her multi-talented nature has seen her offer content in several different areas, delivering lifestyle vlogs,makeup tutorials, food hauls and much more. As a result, her YouTube channel boasts more than 3.7m followers to date, and that number continues to increase. Her total number of video views is equally impressive, having surpassed the 300 million mark in late 2017.

In recent years, Tana has also found success in the music world. She released her first single Hefner in 2017 and has continued to release new music ever since. Her musical ventures proved to be a hit with viewers from all over the world, further strengthening her popularity in the process. Furthermore, she has also found success as an actress, appearing in numerous series such as Minute Match-Ups, Escape the Night and Mod Sun: Address on the Internet.

Over the course of her YouTube career, Tana has collaborated with many other major names in the digital landscape. To date, she has worked alongside the likes of Cody Ko, Jonah Green, Ricky Dillon, Channon Rose and Polina Beregova. Furthermore, Tana's digital celebrity has also seen her attract attention from brands looking to reach her vast online audience as part of their influencer marketing campaigns.

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