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About Sarah Jayne Dunn...

Best known for her role as Mandy Richardson on Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, Sarah Jayne Dunn has turned into quite the fitness influencer over recent years.

In a bid to get fit for her wedding, Sarah shared her fitness journey with her thousands of followers. Now, Sarah continues with her exercise, encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle along the way.

As an avid user of Instagram, Sarah takes to the platform to document her workouts. Posting to IGTV, Sarah regularly posts videos of her workouts for fans to follow. Sarah’s workouts are extremely versatile and can be done at home or even at a busy gym. From HIIT workouts to training with a kettlebell, Sarah shares it all. Her workout videos proved to be very popular as she has now created her very own YouTube channel.

Sarah is also a mum-of-one, and is proof that parents can still exercise and remain healthy even when looking after a little one. As well as exercise, Sarah also posts photos of her favourite outfits, the behind the scenes of her work as a soap actress and hair and makeup tutorials.

Having recently moved house and passionate about interior design, Sarah has also created a dedicated Instagram page to document the process of decorating her new place.

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