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Sarah Ann Macklin, a prominent nutritionist and former fashion model, has positioned herself as a leading voice in the realms of fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. With a career that began in the high-pressure environment of fashion modelling, Sarah Ann has firsthand experience of the industry’s rigorous standards and the lack of nutritional support provided to models. Her transition into nutrition was sparked by this gap, leading her to earn a first-class honours BSc in Human Nutrition and become a Registered Associate Nutritionist.

Sarah Ann's mission is to make nutrition accessible and relevant to everyone, understanding that what we eat profoundly affects our health, mood and performance. Her approach is scientifically grounded yet practical, aiming to show how dietary choices can impact everyday life and help combat chronic illnesses such as diabetes. This dedication led her to present findings on dietary guidelines at the European Parliament, highlighting her commitment to impactful nutritional advocacy.

Marie Claire has likened her to "the Jamie Oliver of nutrition", a testament to her ability to demystify and popularise complex dietary science in a manner that resonates with the public. Her work, as acknowledged by The Rake Magazine naming her their 2017 Woman of the Year, spans various media, enhancing her influence and reach.

Moreover, Sarah Ann is a fervent advocate for sustainability, integrating this passion into her professional narrative. She encourages the adoption of environmentally friendly practices, including the use of electric vehicles, to promote a sustainable lifestyle that complements her nutritional philosophy. Her advocacy extends to her social media platforms, where she uses her visibility to educate and inspire her audience about the benefits of sustainable living alongside optimal health practices.

Overall, Sarah Ann Macklin’s comprehensive approach to health, which combines her deep knowledge of nutrition with a commitment to sustainability, makes her an influential figure in the wellness industry. Her ability to connect her message with broad audiences continues to drive her success as a fitness, nutrition and wellbeing influencer.

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