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About Sam Bird...

Sam Bird is a popular reality television star who has also established a presence within the music, sports, fitness, fashion and travelling industries. The star’s multi-dimensional and adaptable interests makes him an online icon for thousands of followers. This former Love Island star takes his media presence to new heights as each project he takes on exhibits a new branch of talent that the star possesses.

Sam’s eccentric energy made him a popular character amongst the Love Island contestants as well as for the viewers. His appearance on the show allowed him to develop his own platform and establish a strong online presence amongst the pool of fellow influencers and reality stars. However, despite pursuing television, the popular lifestyle influencer has utilised his platform in pursuing various other interests such as fitness. Since finding fame, Sam has found his entrepreneurial spirit and successfully launched his very own gym in Norwich, Core, which he regularly promotes throughout his digital channels.

Aside from sharing his fitness expertise, Sam has become an advocate for various fashion brands. He has partnered with the likes of leading sports and streetwear brands such as JD and Hera, promoting their products online to his loyal following. Other brands he has worked with include Bullards Gin, whom he supports through promotional content on Instagram.

Although having left Love Island, Sam is still in touch with fellow influencers Adam Collard and Alex George, who both feature on his Instagram posts as they broadcast their travelling adventures as well as their day-to-day lives together.

Sam’s predominant interest lies in music production and DJing, as he promotes his original music and events throughout his social media platforms. He keeps fans on their toes by becoming a emerging artist within the music industry and performing gigs at various venues.

Sam’s multifaceted interests allow him to become a suitable partner for multiple brands whose aims are to target a more concentrated audience in order to expand their reach. Whether you are looking for a music, lifestyle, fitness, or television influencer, Sam fits each category perfectly and is an ideal influencer to advocate your business.

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