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About Priscilla Anyabu...

Priscilla entered the Love Island villa as a late arrival and soon made her mark on the show.

The London-based beauty worked as an operations manager prior to her appearance on the reality TV show.

Thanks to her work as a model, Priscilla is a natural in front of the camera and has taken part in glam fashion shoots for the likes of Black Beauty & Hair Magazine.

Describing herself as ‘outgoing, kind and stylish’, Priscilla is certainly no stranger to the spotlight as she has taken part in a number of beauty pageants and has even featured in music videos!

With an Instagram account followed by thousands, Priscilla takes to the social media platform to show off her outgoing personality. Priscilla shares snaps of her modelling work as well as fun photos with her friends and family. Priscilla also appears to be a keen traveller as many of her pictures are taken in a variety of exotic locations such as Los Angeles and Miami.

Before entering the luxurious South African villa, Priscilla had begun to venture into the world of TikTok, also sharing the videos to her main Instagram feed.

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