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Peter Mac, or as he is more famously known, PMAC Fitness is a celebrity personal trainer and one of the UK’s leading Instagram influencer.

Having qualified as a personal trainer in 2007, Peter knows all there is to know about nutrition, boxing, spinning, body conditioning and yoga and has since gone on to build a rather impressive client base within the health and fitness industry.

The London-based trainer is the PT of many famous faces. Rochelle Humes and her husband Marvin are both clients, as well as Giovanna Fletcher, Reggie Yates and Kimberley Walsh.

Peter takes to his largely followed Instagram account to keep followers motivated and inspired. Often documenting his client training sessions, there are a number of workout videos on his feed that are easy to follow. Peter also posts progress photos from his clients to prove just how effective his training plans are, encouraging others to keep going.

Not just a celebrity personal trainer, PMAC Fitness offers his knowledge and expertise by providing a number of six week plans on his website shop, each targeting different areas such as; food, abs, bum, run and HIIT - all at affordable prices.

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