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About Oli White...

Making a name for himself with his quirky comedic videos and his fascinating adventures, Oli White is one of the most memorable lifestyle influencers ever to have come out of the UK. Picking up an online following several millions strong, Oli has achieved much success as a social media influencer.

Oli’s love for YouTube began whilst he was in Year 10 when he set up his very own YouTube channel intended to showcase his content. Before long, he came to collaborate with fellow YouTube star Jack Harries, who had made his name alongside his twin brother Finnegan on their JacksGap channel. His subscriber count soon took off, and Oli had begun to carve out his path towards digital stardom.

Over the course of his career as an influencer, Oli has continued to work with some of the biggest names in his field. His vlogs have been known to feature many other online celebrities, having featured the likes of Caspar Lee, Jack Maynard and Joe Sugg.

One of Oli’s most unique characteristics is his appreciation for fun and games. Describing himself as a ‘big kid’, Oli’s content often sees him take part in an array of hilarious challenges and games. Popular vlogs include Trying Foods Jack Maynard Has Never Liked, Brothers Make the World’s Fizziest Drink, Pranking My Parents with a Giant Snake, Impossible Challenges with Joe Sugg and the Ultimate Wax Figure Prank. With many of his videos picking up hundreds of thousands or even millions of views, Oli has become an undisputed star in the digital sphere.

Oli’s status as a role model has seen him tour the country inspiring young audiences from all walks of life. As a testament to his appeal, his book Generation Next: The Takeover famously reached the number one spot on the Sunday Times Children’s Chart. In addition, Oli’s popularity has also helped him achieve success in other areas. He developed and released his very own clothing line in 2017, offering a range of merchandise to a legion of loyal fans.

Oli’s popularity with a diverse range of followers has seen him become a perfect fit for influencer marketing campaigns. To date, he has collaborated with major names such as Fanta, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Nickelodeon, Diesel, Volvic, Pringles, Hasbro and 4Music.

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