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About Natacha Oceane...

Natacha Oceane is a London-based fitness enthusiast known for her incredibly knowledgeable and engaging social media personality. A Biophysicist student studying at the University College of London, Natacha provides high-quality fitness plans for her combined millions of followers.

With an upbeat and positive approach to health and fitness, Natacha’s fitness plans and understanding of nutrition and dieting has been recognised by and earned the approval of Team GB Olympic experts.

Providing her followers with tips and tricks for leading a healthier lifestyle, Natacha’s plans cover intense workouts, flexibility and nutrition advice.

Natacha’s main unique selling point involves her talented skill for translating the science behind her workouts in her “Science Explained” series which has been deemed popular amongst other health & fitness content creators, with them referring to her fact-based breakdowns for their own personal plans and content.

With most of her time dedicated to her Instagram page, Natacha’s feed is full of workout content as well as a look into the more personal side of Natacha’s life posing in her favourite fashionable outfits, travelling to tropical locations such as Sri Lanka, Los Angeles and Miami.

Into her fashion, Natacha has become an ambassador for activewear clothing brand, Lululemon, and is often sporting their high-quality garments throughout her workout content, proving to be the perfect combined fitness and fashion influencer!

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