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About Mesha Moinirad...

Mesha Moinirad stands out as a transformative figure in the health and fitness industry, particularly for the chronically ill community. His journey began with a personal battle against Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), diagnosed in 2013. After years of struggling with conventional treatments, Mesha took a decisive step towards improving his life by opting for a stoma bag. This decision not only enhanced his quality of life but also marked the beginning of his public advocacy.

Under the alias "Mr Colitis Crohns", Mesha launched a blog that has grown into a robust online community with over 5 million followers across various platforms. His openness about living with a stoma bag has made him a beacon of hope and a source of invaluable advice for many facing similar challenges. His efforts are centred around promoting body positivity and dismantling the stigmas associated with chronic illnesses and the use of medical aids like bags.

As a rehabilitation coach, Mesha's approach is uniquely empathetic, combining his personal experiences with professional expertise to assist others in reclaiming their lives from chronic illness. His work as a keynote speaker further amplifies his impact, allowing him to share his insights and inspirational story with a broader audience.

Mesha's influence extends beyond individual interactions. He has been featured in major media outlets including the BBC, National News and Metro London, and has participated in documentaries that shed light on the realities of living with chronic conditions. His collaborations with major brands like Gymshark, Spotify and Ben Sherman highlight his appeal and effectiveness in advocacy campaigns. These partnerships not only enhance his platform but also bring greater attention to the needs and potential of the chronically ill community. Mesha is also an advocate for sustainability, demonstrated by his sustainable lifestyle choices such as owning an electric vehicle (EV).

Through his multifaceted role as a business owner, coach and speaker, Mesha Moinirad continues to make significant strides in fostering a more inclusive and understanding environment for those living with chronic illnesses. His life and work serve as powerful reminders of the profound impact resilience and advocacy can have on personal health and societal perceptions.

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