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About Meggan Grubb...

Meggan’s rise to stardom as a fitness influencer was rapid, first posting to Instagram in 2015 and amassing more than a million followers shortly thereafter.

Beginning her fitness posts as a novice, she simply documented her visits to the gym and her growing understanding of nutrition and weightlifting. This relatable, down-to-earth approach helped Meggan find an engaged audience, with followers joining her inspirational fitness and nutrition journey.

Meggan herself was learning from other fitness influencers and soon felt she had gained the knowledge and confidence to begin studying for a personal trainer qualification.

A personalised training program quickly followed her graduation into personal training. Her YouTube videos of weight training workouts are always short, sharp and results driven. Followers see how Meggan lives, how she motivates herself, and what it takes to adopt fitness as a way of life.

Meggan is now starting to post content as diverse as fashion hauls, try-ons, and videos highlighting her impressive singing voice.

On Instagram, Meggan often posts about life away from the gym, with partner Nial Kirkland and her beloved family of dogs regularly making an appearance. Also interested in fashion, Meggan’s feed is also filled with OOTD’s and ultra-glam selfies, as well as using the platform to share her love of travel

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