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About Matt Morsia...

Matthew Morsia is not just a celebrated fitness coach and television personality but also a powerful presence on social media under the alias MattDoesFitness. His journey from a sports enthusiast to a social media influencer is a testament to his adaptability and dedication to his craft. Born on January 19, 1986, Matt's athletic career began with promising endeavours in track and field events like the long jump and triple jump. His transition into powerlifting, following a severe injury, showcases his resilience and ability to redefine his goals in response to life's challenges. Matt’s silver medal at the 2016 European Championships marks a significant milestone in his sporting career.

Beyond his athletic achievements, Matt's transition to a fitness coach was marked by his insightful approach to managing body weight and combating disordered eating patterns. His personal experiences and struggles add a layer of authenticity to his guidance, making his advice not only practical but also relatable. Matt's decision to leverage his expertise via social media transformed him from a local PE teacher at Folkestone Academy into a globally recognised fitness guru. His YouTube channel, MattDoesFitness, rapidly gained popularity, earning a YouTube Creator Award after surpassing a million subscribers and eventually reaching over two and a half million followers.

His influence extends into publishing with the release of his book, 'The 24/7 Body', in 2020, which further solidified his status as a trusted fitness expert. The book’s success illustrates his ability to translate his online presence into impactful, offline ventures. In January 2024, Matt took on the role of 'Legend' on the British TV show Gladiators, fulfilling a childhood dream and connecting with a new audience. His portrayal, characterised by a mix of arrogance and charisma, not only entertained but also engaged viewers, demonstrating his adeptness at character-driven performances.

Matthew Morsia's journey through sports, fitness coaching, and media illustrates his multifaceted influence and his capacity to inspire and motivate a diverse audience, making him a standout social media influencer in the fitness domain.

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