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Lucy Flight

About Lucy Flight...

Lucy Flight is a popular YouTube personality as well as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer. Launching her YouTube channel, she quickly caught the eye of the online beauty and lifestyle community through popular videos such as ‘Beauty Scenario Tag’ and ‘Everyday Makeup Tutorial’ and more. After amassing over 10.5 million views on the video sharing platform, she has successfully extended her influence to platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, where her followers continue to increase.

Dedicated to being one of the best beauty vloggers, Lucy ensures her content is entertaining, comedic and light-hearted; she regularly engages in challenges and prank videos with friends, raking in thousands of views on each video. Some of her popular challenge videos include ‘My Dad Does My Makeup’, ‘What’s In My Mouth?’ and ‘Being A Mum for 24 Hours’. Aside from showcasing her comical side, she also likes to share her beauty expertise, often creating videos conducting clothing hauls, beauty tutorials and makeup trials. Taking an instructive approach to beauty and lifestyle, she shares informative content such as ‘Top 10 High-End Makeup Must-Haves’ for her followers who are keen to learn about the influencer’s insight and beauty recommendations.

On top of this, Lucy openly enjoys building relationships with her fans by creating content that has been requested by her followers. By posting daily vlogs, family videos and Q&A sessions, she allows fans to feel connected to the influencer and in touch with her day to day life. Her popularity on YouTube has enabled her to collaborate with fellow beauty guru Emily-Victoria Canham and she also features her sister in her videos.

While Lucy is mostly active on YouTube, she also shares insight into her life on both Twitter and Instagram. Her Instagram page is effectively a space for the influencer to document her travels around the world, provide even more fashion and beauty content for followers, and feature fellow influencers and friends such as Syd and Ell. Her commercial activity consists of supporting brands through sponsored content across her digital channels. Having collaborated with the likes of Missguided, BRB Travel and Boots, she is the ideal influencer to endorse companies who wish to use social media marketing to raise brand awareness.

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