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About Josie LDN...

As a leading figure in the world of fashion and beauty influencers, Josie LDN established a strong online presence after the launch of her fashion blog. With an online following of over 640,000 and counting across her social media channels, Josie’s influence reaches thousands of enthusiastic fashionistas and aspiring beauty gurus.

Josie enrolled at the London College of Fashion, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Fashion Management. Soon after, she landed a job in the marketing department of Mulberry, where she became captivated by the world of fashion, beauty and luxury. With her love for food and travel, her passions became fivefold.

Her blog, Fashion Mumblr incorporates a diverse topics when tackling the latest fashion trends as well as beauty tips and tricks. Her beauty content ranges from routine guides, product recommendations and tutorials whilst her lifestyle posts focus on stress management and how to become more eco-friendly.

Alongside her blog, Josie takes to social media for content creation. With YouTube as her main platform, she has amassed over 50 million views across her fashion and beauty videos. She also stays active on popular fashion platform, where her profile allows fans to shop her look and gain inspiration for her various fashion ideas.

Also an active user of Instagram, Josie LDN regularly documents her day to day life as well as her holidays. Josie often travels to a range of exotic locations including top fashion hotspots such as Monaco, Vermont, Barcelona and Vienna. With an Instagram feed filled with luxury fashion photos, glamorous and artistic shots of the countryside, as well as candid lifestyle snaps, it is no surprise that Josie has seen such success.

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