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About Frankie Sims...

Frankie Sims is best known for joining the cast of ITVBE’s reality show The Only Way Is Essex for its twenty-fifth season. 

She is the third Sims sister to feature in the show, following older sister Chloe and younger sister Demi. And, like her two siblings, Frankie has become an increasingly influential social media personality.

Frankie regularly exhibits her fashion style with her trademark poses, displaying glamorous looks in various locations, from the high street to the high-class hotels of Dubai.

Lingerie and bikinis are a particular feature of Frankie’s snaps, where she presents her own brand of relatable-glam, reclining on the beach or posing by a sun-drenched poolside. 

Frankie’s feed is just the way her fans like it. All about Frankie and her life as an influencer, with her latest fashion collabs and brand partnerships, simple tutorials and fitness stories populating her feed.

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