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Larry’s story is one of the most inspirational in professional sports. Born in the Bronx, New York, Larry faced hardship and poverty, spending time in foster care. He used the toughness of his upbringing as motivation, deciding to become strong enough to protect himself and his loved ones.  

Dedicated himself to intense daily workouts, with equipment built by himself and his mother, Larry’s love for weightlifting was born, resulting in two world records and a reputation as one of the most elite lifters on the planet. 

Larry still competes in competitions across the globe, spanning Europe and North America, and captures his incredible competitive spirit in his YouTube posts.  

Larry is known for his light-hearted series of arm-wrestling challenges, where he tasks the world's most powerful lifters and bodybuilders to defeat his astounding physical prowess. 

He also posts his attempts at bettering his already impressive personal records, pushing both himself and his equipment to the very limits.  

On Instagram, fans and followers get to see the personal side of Larry and his new life in Dubai, as well as lovingly documented  travels with his girlfriend  

And, of course, intense workout advice is prominent, accompanied by Larry’s ever-increasing physique, which, aligned with his backstory, he uses to motivate his followers to find the limits of their fitness capabilities. 

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