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Gabby Allen is one of Instagram’s favourite fitness and travel influencers. Having been a contestant on the hit reality series Love Island back in 2017, the fitness enthusiast quickly gained over 1 million followers and is now one of the industry’s most well-known celebrity influencers. Known for her bubbly personality, she caught the eyes and hearts of millions during her appearance on Love Island and has since grown her social media platforms.

Since her departure from the show, the television star has created a successful career as a fitness, lifestyle and travel influencer, working with major brands across multiple industries. Her passion for fitness and health has led her to become an influential figure that millions of sports fanatics can look up to.

Gabby regularly takes to social media to document her workouts and deliver tips and guides on how to attain certain fitness goals. Dedicating time to producing fitness-related content has resulted in her collaborating with digital workout app Fiit and become an online personal trainer for many aspiring athletes and health enthusiasts.

On top of this, she became a best-selling author when launching her debut book, Shape Up with Gabby Allen, a guide to becoming your healthiest self with insightful tips from the fitness guru herself. Not only does the book include workout tips, tricks and effective routine guides to follow, but it also shares the influencer’s favourite nutritious meals through step-by-step recipes.

Gabby increased in popularity after starring in the 22nd series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2018 alongside Dan Osborne and Ryan Thomas, finishing in sixth place.

Aside from fitness and health, the popular star is seen wearing casual streetwear and creating fashionable seasonal looks throughout her social media platforms. Moreover, she successfully combines sports and fashion with travel, as she is seen exploring white Dominican beaches and exercising by pools, palm trees and mountains.

As she delves into the world of lifestyle and fashion, she collaborates with top fashion brands such as BooHoo in promotional content and a selection of sponsored posts across her social accounts. Furthering her reach within the fashion industry, she managed to successfully partner with Missy Empire.

Her ability to converge multiple industries and become an all-round influencer enables her to create strong liaisons and partnerships with any brand, as her online presence flourishes with every project she encounters.

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