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Unlike most other bakers, Matt Adlard takes baking to new heights with his compelling approach to baking and culinary arts. After rejecting a colleague’s idea of becoming a naked chef, he decided to find a moderate middle ground and that was the beginning of his now world-famous YouTube channel, Topless Baker.

Growing up in a food-orientated household, Matt’s family owned a restaurant in the small town of Norwich. Despite the family business, Matt’s interests were not associated with food or hospitality. Instead he graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in International Business and went on to pursue his dreams of starting a career in marketing in London. Shortly after, the young graduate decided that this wasn’t the right path for him so he decided to start baking.

Always honest about his journey to baking fame, Matt has previously stated that him taking up baking as a hobby was initially ‘a disaster’. But after finding his feet, he is one of the most watched food vloggers and now helps other baking enthusiasts to become pro bakers. Catering his recipes for people of all abilities, his videos provide an engaging and entertaining space for people to enjoy their baking experience and taste Matt’s delicious, original recipes. From rustic watercolour cakes to vegan snickers, there’s absolutely no monotony when it comes to Matt’s cake selection.

Venturing away from just sweet treats, the Topless Baker channel is also a great place to find recipe inspiration for savoury treats. Experimenting with simple date nights recipes, his collection of recipes includes unique takes on popular meals such as smoked carbonara, 5-minute eggs royale and frying pan pizza. Alongside recipe videos, he creates technique tutorials that support his fans in developing their cooking skills. Some of his best videos include, ‘7 Easy Piping Techniques You Can Master’, ‘How To Make a Mirror Glaze’, and ‘The Perfect Third Date Dinner Menu’.

Engaging with his fans across multiple platforms, Matt’s also runs a successful blog posts where he shares his baking insight on a variety of topics and techniques related to culinary arts. He writes ‘A Guide to a Perfect Pastry’, as well as showcasing a gallery of artistically presented confectionary that is both mouth-watering and extremely pleasing to the eye. His success as a food influencer has allowed him the opportunity to share his expertise with the world; he takes to social media to document his travels around the world as he engages in projects in Singapore to teach recipes at food festivals.

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